Can you do pilates to tone your body and get in shape fast

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Can you do pilates to tone your body and get in shape fast? There are two sides to the story and both hold firm grounds on being right. The first group says:

Once you are adept at the philosophy of Pilates, you will have the grace, strength, balance and coordination to move fluidly. It just takes a lot of learning to get there.

Doing Pilates right means beginning with a basic assessment, a discussion of your goals in choosing to visit the studio and look at the health factors that might impact your ability to exercise. Just looking at someone can help determine some of their strengths and abilities, but it takes discussions of former injuries, illness and lifestyle to determine where they need to begin a therapy routine.

You can’t always tell just by looking at someone that they just had their medial meniscus repaired, And, since Pilates is a great post rehabilitation workout, it is not uncommon for users to be recovering from injuries.

Others say, it is a just one more buzz word. main thing is, if you eat right and exercise regularly, you will be in a better shape. What do you think?

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