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  1. Backpacking is one of fabulous method to explore another country or any site within your country especially if you have a tight budget. It is very economical and it will give you an opportunity to visit such places that veer away from the frequently trodden paths of tourist traps. Backpacking is generally a communal activity, in which you will involve with a groups traveling together. But for those who are truly adventurous, backpacking solo offers its own enjoyment, but on the same time it is a very dangerous activity. If something happens to you, no one will be there to help you out.

    Individual backpacking is very risky. That’s why the first thing you should do is to be aware of the hazard of doing this. Do some analysis so you know what you will face in your trip. You should be aware from the rules and the regulations as it applies to backpacking and camping in the place you plan to visit. For instance, in some parks, it is necessary that you get a permit first before you can go on your trip. It is suggested that you shouldn’t just go off without informing people about your planning. Discuss with your friend and family about your trip and your wish to backpack on your own. You should tell your family member or friend to bring you to your stated drop off point and ask them to pick you up at the end of your trip. Bring a cell phone or walkie-talkie and some cash with you in case if you need to contact someone or you want to replace your prior plans because of an emergency.


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