11 Year old girl birthday?

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what do i get my 10 year old daughter on her 11 birthday? she like music and stuff that a 11 year old would like. what should i get her?




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     When i turned 12,i was in puberty and had started bedwetting because of it.Mom put me into cloth diapers and plastic pants for it,and when i had my birthday sleepover with 5 of my close friends,they all wore my diapers and plastic pants also to help me feel better.I had an awsome 12th birthday party!

  2. well im eleven turning twelve in two days but during year eleven i loved traveling going to amusment parks and art dont forget music

  3. How about you get her a ipod nano. But just ask her what her favorite color is because there are many choices of color and when you give it to her try to trick her and say sorry i was going to give you a ipod but i didnt have te money then say sike! and give it to her. My dad did the same ting with me but it was baseball tickets

  4. Last year I had ten girls sleepover. But before that i had a really fancy dinner party. we had steak and pasta and made (fake) pearl neckalaces. hope i help

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