ways to improve your life

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some of best ways to improve your life based on the experiences.
Pay attention to your rest
Avoid exercising to fail
Make every minute count
Maximizes muscle tension
Bota belt
Choose exercises that feel good
Come in an area free of distractions
Start taking juices
Come first thing you really want to eat
Come when you want, not when you're told
Start your healthy diet plan Sunday
Visit the water source often
Build your diet around foods that actually want to eat
Start slowly and sees building
Take photos
Use blocks of time
Make exercise is a journey

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  1.  You have to first and foremost want to improve your life. once you have done that, here is the list to follow:

    1. Get a hot girlfriend

    2. make sure she is nice also, looks can only go so far

    3. Make sure she is rich

    4. Make sure she is the sole child

    5. Make sure she loves you more than her parents

    6. When you ask her to jump : she doesn't ask you, how high ... she jumps

    7. Make sure she stays fit, i hate getting into a realtionship with someone who was hot and fit, comes 3 years later, she is double of what she was.


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