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  1. The island of Lesvos is internationally for bird watching circles, lying as it is on the migratory routes of several unusual and interesting species. From Mystegna access to the important sites can be obtained quite easily by car. Home to 90,000 residents, the island consists on different villages and townships. Important among them are Agiassos, Molyvos also called as Mithimna, Kalloni, Plomari, Gera villages and Eressos, a perfect L*****n destination. Mytilini, the capital city of Lesvos, contain about one third of the total population. Each destination in Lesvos provides a range of accommodations according to all budgets, so visitors will have no problem in finding Molyvos Hotels, Kalloni Hotels, or Eressos Hotels! It is suggest that visitors can also use Lesvos map to select a hotel on Lesvos based on its location on the island.

    Heading north from the property the coastal road provides many beautiful views across the channel to Turkey, which at some points is less than nine kilometers away. Day trips can be taken to the northern resort towns of Molyvos along with its fine Byzantine castle and Petra which is one of historic church located high on a rock. It is also easy to take the short drive to Mytilene one morning, board a ferry and visit Turkey by crossing is only one and half hours; fantastic shopping chances in the shops and bazaars of Ayvalik. There are astonishing walks around the coast and hills. Andin reality; the whole island which several people say is like the whole of Greece in miniature. July and August are the peak season for trip.


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