tudor monarchs

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  1. And the Former hath-been Swept Away:

    First of all, the Tudor Rose was formed by merging the Red Rose of Lancaster with the White Rose of York.

    The "so-called" King Arthur's Round Table in Winchester:

    This is made of 121 pieces of oak wood and weighing 1.25 tons and the wood was carbon dated to c.1255 with a dendrochronology dating of 1224. Allowing for weathering, this round table could have ben made between 1250 to 1280.
    However, there are two paintings on this table shown by X-rays and after tests one was dated 1516, the other underneath being test-dated to c.1500 and this one with a picture of a person bearing a remarkable image of King Henry the V11. However, before 1500 this table was not painted and was not made c.500 for a legendary King named Arthur, but became such an object c.1500 when Henry-Tudor was king.
    Next step:
    Henry-Tudor's (King Henry the V11) intention was for his first born son Prince Arthur to become King Arthur, but he died young. However, if he had become the next monarch, would he have become King Arthur the "First" or "Second", making note that the first was a revived legend, hence this table known by scientists and academics as only "The Winchester Round Table".

    Kind regards,
    Raymond E.O.Ella, (Mr.).

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