platting jewelry at home.

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  1. Yes. You can plate jewelry right at home if you have the proper equipment. However, do not try it if you are a complete amateur.

    You will need equipment like a 'rectifier' for electro-plating. You will also need a hotplate or suitable heating arrangement for beakers of electro cleaner and for plating solutions. A good thermometer is needed to know when the solutions are at proper temps to do a good job with correct color.

    The most important aspect in the plating process is proper preparation of the metal to be plated.  This means the metal must first be finished like you want it be “in the end” after plating.   The plate will add color, not finish, and will reveal more than hide defects in the metal work.   Cleanliness is therefore vital. Generally, ultrasonic and electro cleaning is sufficient.  With no ultrasonic, hand cleaning may be done followed with electro cleaning.   Electro cleaning uses the electricity of the plating device to remove the final evidence of any oils, etc. on the metal prior to plating.

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