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  1. Initially, the plan of moving to Kenya may only conjure images of magical safaris and beautiful wildlife for the uninformed expat; although, those that do come to live in the country will find themselves in one of the most advanced of African nations. Kenya is famous for perhaps unfairly, soured in 2008, when ethnic tensions climax in election violence shook the normal peaceful country.

    However, with new development advancement, a Western-friendly government and a strong infrastructure, Kenya and especially its capital, Nairobi, is now ranked as the hub for business and development in eastern Africa. Experts working in Kenya tend to be either highly-paid managers of multinational companies, or development and NGO workers and Tennessean. Well established levels of local employee protection can often make the job search impossible, even for skilled and highly-qualified foreigners. Expert life can be separated from Kenyan society, as the fear of crime, especially in the large cities, sometimes cloisters foreigners behind the gates of compound housing complexes, and locked car doors. Those who emerge from behind this curtain of fear can really enjoy the diverse cultures of Kenya, all of which are atheistically welcoming and cheerful.

    Nonetheless, those moving to Kenya may not find the experts experience as comfortable as in more developed nations, and longing for everyday conveniences and the familiar efficiency of home is often a topic of serious issue among foreigners. On the same time, others find the comforts that can be found in Kenya, for instance large houses, domestic workers, and high expat salaries, make for a higher quality of life than they are used to back home.


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