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  1. The annual Stick Ball Reunion takes place on Pleasant Avenue (Italian Harlem) Each Year  (as it has for the past 20 or so years). Fathers, Sons and even Grandfathers from the Italian Community all take part.
    Also, don't forget about Orbits in Italian Harlem. Good Eating there.
    Looking forward to the Giglio Feast this year.
    I think it is in August this year, with Services at Our Lady Of Mt Carmel.

  2. Italian Harlem is Alive and Well in 2009.
    Main Street Italian Harlem is Pleasant Avenue between 114th and 120th streets (and includes all adjoining streets as well).
    Raos , Patsys Pizzeria , Claudio's Barber Shop (with orig owner and Barber on 116th)  , are all in Italian Harlem. Our Lady Of MT Carmel is very Active.
    Feast goes on every summer (usually in June July or August), and is when the Giglio is carried throughout the neighborhood.
    Many of the Italian Residence of Italian Harlem are older. Though recently, more and more Italians are moving back to Italian Harlem as far as I understand.
    It is a neighborhood appreciated across the globe, and hopefully the city of N.Y. takes notice, and lists it officially as Uptown Little Italy (as has been done with downtowns Little Italy around Mulberry Street Area)
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