i want to have a baby but im only 13

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  1.  Hey, listen to me okay. Im Jessica. Im 14 now, and my boyfriend is now 17. When i was 13 i fell pregnant. I was excited at first, but then my mom and dad threw me out the house, so i had to move in with my boyfriends family. So i had my baby, Lily. Now im not saying i dont love her to pieces, but i dont want you to go through the same things i had to. Being a mom isnt just about having a cute baby to show off to your friends, its hard work, and you cant just get bored and expect someone else to look after him or her for you. PLease take my advice. Wait. Wait a few more years, cause getting pregnant at thirteen done c**p to my body. Please please please wait xxxx


  2. Look once in everyone's life they want a child but having a baby right now will only make your life a stressful rollercoaster. I suggest you WAIT!

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