getting married in egipt

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  1. To get married in Egypt as foreigner has become more difficult, because the choice has been closed for foreign marriages. If you are deciding to get married in Egypt, make sure you understand the requirements and marriage laws. You should hire an attorney or the services of a notary since the latest news (as of May 12, 2007) from the U.S. Consular Section of the Embassy is that the Consular Section is not offering the affidavit demanded by the Egyptian Government to authorize the marriage of a foreigner in Egypt. Even if you have documents authenticated by the U.S. Department of State, there is no surety that the documents will be applicable by the Egyptian government. It is important to get a notarized, clear documentation that you are independent to marry. Since the Consular Service is not offering this document any longer, if you are US citizen, you should consult an attorney or the services of a notary. You will also be asked to state whether you are Muslim or Christian.This form then has to be proved at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Americans taking marrying an Egyptian citizen should learn about Egyptian family law aka personal status laws. It is important for women, in order to know about their rights as both spouse and parent would be very different in Egypt from those in the U.S., as would the rights kids’ who born after the marriage. For this you need a proof of citizenship and you must have a valid passport.

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