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  1. Hey people,
    If you really want to work from home, you have to get yourself started off right. Back in 2002 I tried cold calling (Telemarketing) for some guy in California and I never sold a product. Not one. I wasted hours and hours for 2 weeks only to make no commission. I started up again last year trying to do some program where you read e-mails and click links and get paid for it… didn’t make anything again.

    what I finally did after that is got an e-book (online book) and read it. It was as simple as that. Now I know what I’m doing and I’m making over $2500 a month and that number has been growing. You just have to have the motivation and THEN you can learn how. Once you’ve done both of those you will succeed no matter what. Just don’t stop trying.

    Check out this site for more on the course that thought me everything I needed to know about how to make money work for you while you sit on your computer and wait for a check to come.

    The site also gets u started with jobs.

  2. Scams are generally ones that involve a significant up front investment without informing you of the details. Even an MLM or Network Marketing company will give you a full presentation of their products and what they intend your role to be; however, many scams never provide this or give you any way to verify their claims (for example even Amway or Prepaid Legal will tell you that they're listed on stock exchanges, or give you the names of their parent companies so you can look them up with local chambers of commerce, etc.).

    It is easier to seperate them when you have a focused niche in mind (for example medical billing) and then you are able to compare different companies within that niche. Also, be mindful of, does the company have a means of you making contact with other independent distributors for support or to work in teams? If you are like a lone person out in the middle of nowhere without association, and isolated, you may want to scrutinize that company further.

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