canadian french vs. french french

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  1. Quebecois tends to have more words that are literal translations of French to English.  Quebecois is characterized by its constant nasal sound and is more gutteral than is French. Quebecois has more "original words."  For example, there is tribal influence and the French people have adopted English internet and computer terms whereas Quebec invented its own terms. E.g.- Francais: mel, e-mail Quebecois: courriel.                

    French has modernized significantly quicker than the Quebecois dialect has.  In other words, French terms from centuries ago are still used to refer to modern things.

    Example: Francais- une voiture= a car        Quebecois- un chariot= a car

    In French un chariot is a chariot.  The term is still used in France but only to refer to a chariot.


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