budget travel for older travellers

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  1. One of the outcomes of the recent credit crunch and the financial crises that have exploded around the world is the enhanced availability of free time to a huge swathe of educated workers either made redundant or placed on sabbatical.

    A round the world trip is quite often touted as the must do schedule, although this is limiting in both direction and duration. Another idea is to select a continent, mostly a seasonal decision, and start from there. After years in the corporate hothouse many new attractions will be anxious to rush around and try to see as much as possible. The better option is to relax and let time run at its own pace. Take time to travel some of those places you have always dreamed of. Take buses and trains; mix with the locals to experience the sounds and smells of the environment that surrounds you and to get a real feel of the way of life. Even the most veteran of travelers is prone to taking more stuff than they actually need; the maxim is the larger the backpack the more you will take, so get a smaller pack! Forget about the kitchen sink and make do with a few easily washable clothes and, where necessary, buy items that you really need on the road as you travel. Good quality lightweight travel will make you more mobile and flexible saving money on expenses such as excess baggage charges.

    Gone are the days of loyalty points and swanky hotels, guesthouses and hostels are fine alternatives. They act as points of reference where you can meet fellow travelers and gather information for the route ahead as well as offering a safe environment in which to wind down after a long trip. Corporate e-mail and a blackberry glued to the side of your head may have been all well and good in a previous life, but pay-as- you- go phones, Skype and Face book are more likely to be of use now.


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