Writing a best friend essay?

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In my writing class we have to write about our best friend. I have it mostly completed but i don't know how to end it without it sounding corny. But.. i want it to make her smile and laugh. we have been best friends for 2 years!! PLEASE HELP ASAP!! :) thanks




  1. End it like......hmmm, if something ever happened to you two that was funny, or like an inside joke between you, make it your own, something that wil make her laugh and understand why you 2 are friends.

  2. "For the past two years, *insert name* has been through it all with me. From *insert funny incident* to *insert not so good incident*, when I think back, I am *insert feeling* she was here to share those times with me. I am also *insert feeling* that our friendship will only grow stronger as more challenges come our way."

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