Would you go to Spain to learn Spanish or learn Spanish and go to Spain?

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I can't decide if I should go to Spain and learn Spanish and then come back and finish my Spanish major, or if I should get as far into my Spanish major as possible and then go to Spain. What do you think?




  1. You should learn the language first (if you really have to) and then go to place and meet people that speak the language. In any case, you dont really have to go to Spain to have any understanding of that language or to complete your Spanish major.

  2. Go to Spain!, it´s wonder full, A friend of mine, was in a small school on southern Spain, i don´t remember the name of the school but i think was in a town called La Herradura or something like that, she learn a lot with the people of the city

  3. Number 1

  4. Go to Spain first.

    A travel to Spain can be more educational than waiting to "learn" the language in the University.

    Buen Viaje!

  5. Total immersion is always the best way to learn a language, but unless you're made out of cash, it's not always practical. I've tried the Rosetta Stone product, which uses immersion to teach. I found it kind of boring, but I didn't really give it enough time. I'm like to hear someone else's comments on it.

    Here's another product that might help...


  6. Just go into any inner city or southwestern state to learn Spanish...

  7. The best way to learn a language is immersion. If you must be able to communicate in a language in order to eat, you will learn the language. Children do it every day.

    Learning through immersion will teach you to think in the language. Only then can you free yourself from the shackles of your native language, and communicate effectively.

    The downside of learning through immersion is that you will learn the spoken language, not the written language of academia. That is because the "commoners" in all countries speak "incorrectly," using questionable grammar, imprecise terms, and slang. If you intend to pursue an academic career in a language, then actually learning to communicate in it can be a hindrance to your professional advancement.

  8. if you are thinking about major  you should live there and learn,talk and wright otherwise forget it. I speak and wright 5 languages because I lived all others places

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