Windows XP vs Vista?

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I am deciding whether or not to go vista or xp on my new gaming build. My friend and brother suggest xp and claime vista sucks. But I have never seen anything wrong with it... Also I want to have more then the 3.25-3.5 gb of RAM that xp supports at max... Any suggestions???

link to my build;_ylt=AgvR_ZFexYKIqNdiuhecb54jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080819180534AAGQtW1

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  1. If you're into gaming you would be better off using Windows XP. Vista has a lot of problems that haven't been solved yet and it consumes a lot of RAM where it could be use to maximize gaming performance instead of all those extra graphics such as Aero required to run Vista. However, its up to you and the type of computer you have. If you have lots of Ram like 3+ Gb then you might want to give Vista a try otherwise stick with Xp. I got curious and installed Vista and in my opinion Microsoft messed up big time.  

  2. vista

  3. I got a vista window on my computer but i never use it, i always had to go out and buy a windows xp cd. Vista is c**p, too much requests, and a lot of websites are not compatible.

  4. I'd say XP, since it uses less resources. As for the RAM, that is true for a 32 bit version. If you get the 64 bit version you can support up to 16 I think. I'd say that you should get which ever one you like better, I like both.

  5. i would deff. go with xp. i have two with xp and one with vista and i like the xp WAYY better. the software and everuthing runs better on xp.

  6. Vista my friend.

  7. Unless you have 64 bit OS it will see and use obly 3.5 gb at most.  64 bit OS will see/use much more.

    Nothing wrong with Vista, problem is with the games, they are old technology, Vista is new tecnology.

  8. I recommend just getting XP. Maximum PC Magazine cites some of the problems with Vista: instability, incompatibility (both software and hardware), performance, and several annoying things such as User Account Control.

  9. I would say install both, start by installing XP, but during install, partition the hard drive in half (for example, if you have a 500GB hard drive, make a 250GB partition), you can partition however you want, but it's easier to just do it in half, then you have an equal share of hard drive space for XP and Vista, then install XP on one of the partitions (preferably on C: if possible, doesn't matter though), after you finished installing XP, get a copy of Vista (preferably Ultimate, but Home Premium and Business are also good, beware Home Basic though, it is very limited), then, when installing, you should have an empty partition and your XP partition, install Vista on the empty partition, now when you reboot, it will ask you if you want to boot XP or Vista (2000, XP, and Vista have a built-in multiboot program), select Vista to finish install, then you can select XP to boot XP, or select Vista to boot Vista

    On a gaming system, you NEED both XP and Vista

    First, if you only install Vista, there are a lot of games that are incompatible with Vista that are only compatible with XP, also Vista does have glitches, of course they will be fixed in some time, but there are still some problems

    Second, if you only install XP, the new games that are comming out only work with Vista (unless you do some hacks, but those hacks are not guaranteed to work perfectly), the problem is Microsoft is pushing game companies to make new computer games only compatible with Vista in order to make more Vista sales (yes, Microsoft is sneaky), also, most new computer games require DirectX 10, and DX10 is only compatible with Vista (there is no DX10 for XP), so to play new PC games, you are forced to use Vista

    I have built a gaming computer myself and I currently have XP installed, I plan on installing Vista on it soon
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