Will anyone be able to beat Sachin Tendulkars records

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Cricket without Sachin Tendulkar is like having ice cream without a spoon. Tendulkar is one of the best cricket players of all times and true sports star. Numbers of years he played cricket and still kept is image intact is a real achievement. He has most centuries, most runs and has done damage to every cricket playing nation in the world. Bowling to him was not easy and he made playing the best bowlers too easy at times. Sachin Tendulkar is a true legend, ask any person in India, who is the best cricket player of all times: the answer for sure is going to be Tendulkar. More people know Tendulkar than Jordan and beckham combined.

They say when Tendulkar steps on the crease, regardless of the position, the entire India feels India will win. When Tendulkar gets out early, lots of people get back to their work or even leave the stadium. There is no doubt, finding another Tendulkar is going to be close to impossible. Every player who starts playing cricket anywhere in the world hopes to beat the records Tendulkar set. Only time will tell if that is possible but at the moment it seems like a far cry. If there is someone to ever come close, they must have the following:
Must start playing at age of 16 years old
Must play for 20 years or so
Must open the game as much as possible
Must play the game for the love of the game
Must have no merci on the best bowlers in the world
Must stay away from being too good getting to their head
Must only be from India

Tendulkar you have given India something every indian can be proud of but most importantly, you have taken the game of cricket to a whole new level. We will miss you, we will cry for you, we will always love you.

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