Why do redheads smell?

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Why do redheads smell?




  1. Guest60192

     All fire bush stink its a fact.  If you say you don't and others would have told you, well they said your sthit smels like roses then or they love the stank from your hang down.  Fire crotchers also do have stanky breath but not much worse than others, its only the vag which is over and beyond ones control of the gag reflex.  Never ever go down on one you'll have that stank on your face for a good week.

  2. Guest59608

     They do, unusually stank, (both sexes), but I was wondering why they always LOOK so weird?  Their skulls are often misshappen, absolutly no symmatry, particularly the facial structure, jaw bone.  If you stand behind them and face them toward a mirror and cover 1/2 of their face at a time, you'd think they were two different people.  It's really creepy.  All of them, (both sexes), have disproportionatly wide hips, and disproportionatly big butts, that you might common to latinos and blacks.  Slopping shoulders are a common feature.  Their legs are always misshappen, devoid of muscle tone and they all have knobby knees, and all of them have cankles too!  If you love the color pink though, they have the best when they're clean.

  3. Guest59450

     I have been with your redheads and none of them smelled bad, breath, down below or otherwise. I'm fact, these were my favorite experiences in my life. Far better that brunettes, in my opinion, as slightly similar but not the exact same as the two natural NATURAL blondes, I've tasted. 

  4. Guest57099

    I can 100% attest to this, I've slept with multiple redheads over the years, I usually go for brunettes. Just to complete the picture I'm a male going after girls, so I don't know if this just applies to females.

    Redhead girls all smell the same, it's a strange smell, not necessarily bad just very very different.


    So anybody calling bullshit on this is either A) redhead B) never been with more than 1 redhead in order to verify this to be the case 


  5. Guest56694

     I dated a red headed woman for over a year, and the V area was just....horrible. I made it last as long as I could because I did like her and we had a great time together, but a year in she started complaining about my lack of interest in cunnilingus, and I knew the end was near. ultimately, it ended it for me and we no longer date. She was a sensitive person so I knew I could never broach the subject with her. Perhaps some other guy will, and it will crush her, but maybe she'll learn from it.

    I do think, though, if there is any reasoning logic to this question, which I think there is, is that many red haired people have hypersensitive skin, which prohibits them from using lotions and powders aimed at keeping that area accommodating. She couldn't use anything. I think that's the difference. I love going down on a nicevtadting meal, but unfortunately there are many women who just don't take care of themselves, and know that smell is big for some guys and is a deal killer if it's neglected.


  6. Guest56640

     Oh redheads... They are different: more beautiful, wilder and yes, more fragant... but that's part of the fun, isn't it? Kind of an aquired test only for refined connosieurs.

  7. Guest21365

     why do redheads smell like McDonald's? 

  8.  I've just been with a red head for the first time and the smell from her V just made me want to puke. Their armpit odor is pretty narly too

  9.  red head smell = delicious "amber and violets'"

    readheads have a civet scent: the scent of a civet (wild cat) is said to have aphrodisiacal properties and has been highly prized for centuries 

    Redheads exude more pleasant and stronger pheromones so attract more mates because are simply more sexually desirable.

    Of course a red heads scent varies with their emotions as with blonds or brunettes





  10.  I have to comment. I recently dated a ginger from Scotland. He had been out with his coworkers so his breath was let's say natural. OMG. That was the best first kiss ever!! His breath drove me crazy. I HAD to sleep with him on our first date. I wanted him that bad. He did have a different scent but it was wonderful! Now I am obsessed with redheaded men!! He ended up leaving me. But that's ok. I am going to Scotland. :D

  11.  It's just their breath. I've known several reds and their breath could melt glass. Big-titted, hot, but the breath just killed it for me... :(

  12.  It is known fact that everyone has their unique scent. I think it would be safe to say it is probably due to each of our genitic make up allowing with varibles for diets and enviromental factors. Now would it be a stretch to say that different groups with similar genetic traits could have a similar odor. Does anyone know if grant money is available for a study? Who knows it could lead to a breakthrough in treating cancer. I  have noticed that redsheaded woman have a stronger arid scent then other woman but since so many others have detected something different in the scent of redheads there may be something to this. 

  13.  LOL!! :D :D

  14.  i can't attest for red heads but i can for auburn people or commonly known as day walkers, they smell great, i am always complimented on my smell :)

  15.  ok... they do have a smell... I call it "the red smell"

    My ex boyfriend was red and it's not that they stink.. not at all! But it's definitely a certain smell. I will say it. I LOVE IT!

  16. i have dated 3 redheads and they all smelled the same...not like a vulgarly bad smell just different,and they were all clean freaks so dont say i should of bathed them

    Its got to be something with the hair,sun,moon and the earths gravitational pull



  17. My first wife was a read head she was only 4'10" and was a Red Headed. She smelled really bad down there and her v****a was Huge.For years I thought my p***s was small until the next girl said I was  too big for her. Denny Lee

  18.  Just because you're too busy looking this up online to bathe yourself, and therefore smell your own disgusting stink, does not mean we stink. 

    Geez get the facts straight b***h.


  19.  I know it sounds silly to those who haven't experienced it, but my high-school German teacher and the two redheads I dated smelled exactly the same. It can't be just a coincidence.

  20. I went out with a redhead who had coloured her hair with blond streks so she looked blond but her puibs gave her away and she stunk under her arms as bad as I can't tell you, it was dreadful so much so I'd wake at night gasping for air and she used to bath every day.

    Redheads, I'm sorry to say just stink.

  21. You sad, insecure piece of s**t. It's not the beautiful, unique redhead that you smell. It's yourself.

  22. Um, we don't smell. All of you who have said red haired people smell have probably just been with some who don't have proper hygiene. I have excellent hygiene and haven't ever been told I stink (and believe me, people in my life would tell me if I did). We're just like brunettes and blondes in the regard that if we don't use proper hygiene, we're GOING to stink.

  23. I'm watching the film "Perfume" right now If you've never seen the movie or read the book, it's about a man with the worlds most incredible sense of smell. Both of his "love" interests were redheads.  So begins my personal interest in the answer for "the scent of redheads." I have been with only two in my life and I must attest to being aware of some different warmth to their smell. I assumed it was the difference in the amount of carotene pigmentation in their skin. Why black girls smell the way they do and blondes and asians also. It seems each has a different base. I used to think it was dietary (especially for asians) but I think it's actually in the skin. d**n, I do love auburn haired girls who can tan. They're the best!!!!

  24.  is this a joke or something lmfao

  25. Look everyone..... it's simple.

    Eat a rotting fish and you'll smell it for days.....

    Eat a red head and you'll smell for weeks!

    smelly red head f***y!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  26. i find it was just the breath that stunk

  27. ive been told redheads smell and i did not believe until i dated one.. their body doesnt smell, their hair doesnt smell... its their vaginas

  28. Red hair is a genetic mutation. it has been seen through history as associated with the devil, all redhead females are supposedly seductive by nature. Just because they are so different. extremely light skin, crazy coloured hair, very light nipples, and a scent that is supposed to seduce men into sin. Its all myths about red headed women. There are no facts to back anything up other than social beliefs. Everyone has their own personal smell, and im assuming that you have heard the myth that red heads smell, and your just assuming now. so maybe dont assume, and just tell that someone to be a little more hygienic. since the myth does say that the scent of redheads is supposed to be "attractive", you're completely wrong.

  29. I'm sure they actually have less sweat glands - I'm trying to google it to verify it. No offence to any red heads(have red head heritage)

  30. I have come to this exact same conclusion lately. I have been with a lot of girls and I have noticed that red heads use every method in the book to cover up their smell. I am not saying they smell bad in the long run, but I have been with a couple when they were without their "prized products" and it was horrid...

  31. I guess we must smell more cos we are always getting persecuted, slight paranoia, sweat glands open and our eyes dilate more too, trying to figure out who the jerks are in society, after all the witch trials in America and Europe were all relatively recent!!!

  32. I'm starting to suspect something similar.  Not that they smell bad, just there is a kind of smell that is in common with the redheads I've slept with.  I like it, but it is a little puzzling.
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