Why do north indians hate south indians?

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i have heard that north indians hate south indians.they call them mallu .everybody says that they r teasing them.will anybody help me to???




  1. one reason is india was never a united was ruled by different kings.north indian kings like gupta and vikramaditya dominated the entire subcontinent.

    1)both north india is an Aryan race which is superior it extends from india all the way uptill europe.there is no doubt they are fair,better looking,contribute more men to the army.Remember our hindu religion started on the banks of ganga.

    2)even east indians like bengalis and manipuris consider themselves better than south indians.since they are fair and good looking.

    3)south india's people should shed their superior attitude since they are not superior(dravidian race).Plus they should stop going behind north indian women like insane people.have some class and manners.

    "there are plenty of cases of sexual violence of north indian women in bangalore and other south indian cities reason they are fair and good looking.Women do not report it and media only concentrates on Delhi this is bad"

    only one solution bring pakistan,afghanistan and bangladesh which is same aryan race into hinduism remember "kekaya maharani from ramayan is from peshawar,gandhari from gandhahar"

    RSS and other hindu organisations should work towards it.boy those pakistani women are really fair and beautiful i would love to see them in hinduism.then we could have a european union type thing.


  2.  I am a indian..and would like to respect to all u guys to stop posting all hurtsthe sentiments of indians..i am a north indian ,but  I stay in bangalore.To be frank with you all,i love kannada equally to hindi .My south friends talks with me in hindi and i also talk with them in kannada..We all are indian and we should respect our university in diversity culture.





  3. Speaking of the north and south indain race is a tricky topic, I was born in india and was raised  in nyc queens... i live in nyc and i would have to say that i have friends from all over.... one thing i could add to this topic is that i was born in north india but my family is from the south.. me and my siblings are all lite skinned, we look like we are from the north... i know for a fact there alot of lite skinned south indians and there are alot of dark skinned north indians.. the real question is who the F*%# cares... i speak my south indian mother tounge as well as hindi... i grew up in queens ny so they aint no room for racism here.. im just happy to be living and healthy... i think people need to stop thinking so negative and boasting earch others stae in india.. at the end of it we are all indian... just to add a little fuel to the fire , i banged soo many chicks from all over white, black , spanish, indian, west indian..etc.. some were girlfriends and others just flings.. so if you have your money up, your charm , and a good head on your shoulders this topic doesnt even matter cuz when its all said and done.. its about you and your family and your friends that will be there.. people need to stop hateing on the north and south thing cuz in ny we dont have time to even think about a bunch of bullshit like that... fix your face b4 you tal about some else grill... dont get it twisted im a pround indian... not north or south.. just INDIAN.. and for all you fake folks that hate on stuff,, fuckk off  and get your money up... then you would see that the world is diverse and would want to see it and be humbled by it...god is great .. bless yall

  4.  I am a South Indian woman married to a North Indian guy.  We never really felt the differences strongly.  We just feel our marriage to be a perfect union enjoying the best parts of each other's culture.  We can associate with any Indian in any gatherings or parties.  Our food is a fusion cuisine too....there is a variety in everything and it makes our married life interesting and fascinating.  My hindi is not great but I can get by.  My mother in law does not mind the grammatical errors I make and our primary aim is to communicate, so language does not matter (our interactions are in Hindi-Telugu- English- Sign language and we have our share of fun).  My husband speaks to my family in Tamil- Telugu- English combination.

    Leave the history of hatred behind and see the best part about our cultural diversity.  Few people may not be broad-minded and if they make any insulting remarks, forgive their ignorance and move on.  Life is too short to waste your time in spreading hatred.



  5.   South Indians are donkeys(sorry for insulting the donkeys because they aint as black and ugly like south Indians) of the north Indians. India has currently 55 billionares. 51 of those 55 billionares are north Indians. South Indians are only the donkey workers of large firms put up by the Northies. South Indians speak English with a different idli wada tone with added ayiyos, aiya muthu swami. Most of South Indians are muthu tambi waiters or sh*t carriers. We talk about looks or complexion, then the South Indians are second to none in terms of ugliness. South Indians have all cow dung spread over there faces which makes them so black and Ugly. South Indians have their faces always painted with black cow dung and they stink of sh*t. Talk about strength and fitness, most south Indians are weak and short and even suffer from impotency . Coconuts keep falling on their heads and eventually they reach their average height of 4 feet. All the indian Olympic medalists of 2008 olympics were north indians. South indians really suck.

    Retarded south indians are only good at IT and yes they are on top positions in those companies ultimately working for a non-south indian owner’s company LOL. South a******s suck when it comes to business, look at chutiya Vijay Mallya such a failed chutiya he is. The south indian motherfuckers are such cowards, they can only run their fingers here and take out their furstrations, but for real they suck a brave d**k. I have kicked so many south indian retards in their assess during my grad and post grad. South indian movies are such a joke, one man making cars humans dinosaurs fly LOL ugly women who even make my Television set stink are always under the threat of rape BIG LOL give me a billion to rape them I bet you I got no F***n guts to get close to them.

    South indians really stink, believe me they do, always a typical pukable smell from their body. They aint like smooth skinned africans, they are more of burned skinned retards sufferring from utter inferiority complex. Invaders did not rape women from south LOL u need to be blind or dump like a sheep to lay your hands on ugliest women class in India.

  6. all of us shud unite and beat up da person who raised this silly, racist, useless divide us Indians....stop fighting and get back to your senses my dear friends...v all are human beings...kindly love humanity..

  7. TO:    all my north and south indian brothers and sisters:

    this is such an ugly fight,just imagine how many hours you've wasted in typing reply and multiply it wid your work that you left pending or undone before........and one kind request to the 'so called superior,fairest north indies'. we ppl are in th21st century, and still u ppl talk about colour,race and language.are you not ashamed to tell that u hate si because they are dark and dont know hindi.this shows how cheap u ppl are at heart. can i ask u ppl something.....

    do u know who reaped the wheat that u are using for ur roti??????????????

    do u know who made the dress that you are wearing now?so wen u come to knw dat it's a si farmer and a weaver who did it will u stop eating or stop wearing your's ultimately stupid.........first try to respect ppl... we all are indians and first lets be united and stop the other countries from invading india..........



  8. Hi,

    I am an Tamil studying in France. I hate North Indians who are here. They are irresponsive and spoil the name of the country. They do not mix with French or with other people here. They always form groups and only shout in Hindi. They are very head weighted and teasing the french culture. It is so embrassing for me to be with them in classroom. They do not talk with anyone who is very organised and cultured. They also think about the english accent of Afganis here. I f*****g hate north indians. They do not have the mind to think about the cultural differences acting cocky outside India.

  9.  f**k u people............u mother fukers.........get a life,u loosers........son f b*****s,f*k u all .......iam a punjabi not sardar but a hindu(rajpoot).........leme tell u i hate si,the are jus dirty animals........some piece of a s**

  10. North indians doest not technical knowledge ??? Learn to write proper english first a*****e. South Indians are f*****g niggers whom no one can stand. They stink like s**t and use hand to eat (ewww f**k !! the very same hand they used to wipe the s**t off their black a**e)... f**k You Coons

  11. North indians doest not technical knowledge, they simply talk but technically zero.Now Bangalore kanndiagas have started creating team to send them back from Bangalore, due to them cost of living is more.One fine day will come to throw them, In fact in IT industry they treat south indians very bad.

    North indians get ready to get out from Bangalore.....

  12.  My mother is a beautiful lady - when I show her pics to my north Indian friends, they are astonished that woman of such fair skin and eyes and hair could be a mallu. Its their very astonishment that makes me sad - that shows the kind of rabid infestation of racism this country has.  Coming back to looks, I am an average looking person and because of such obsession with fair skin and beauty, I might have had a hard time trying to be my mom - except that I didnt. Because I was desperately trying to be like my father - who was ordinary looking but who is extremely intelligent, charming and funny. When I show pics of my mom to idiots to swoon over, I snigger at their very obvious lack of intelligence - for I know the secret was never about looking good, that looks are absolutely nothing to inner beauty. So people obsessed with fair skin reading this - you really truly are at the bottom of the evolutionary pyramid. 

  13. In 21st century India ...when we are supposed to become SUPERPOWER...why is it that morons rise with questions that have been shelved to the dustbin of history? Infact when I know of south indians who speak great hindi and sardars and jats who speak any of the four south indian languages with ease in the respective states thaey are settled there a great north- south divide...half of my friends are from mixed families and I relish idli sambhar the same way I relish dal roti...No one hates each other...only those who are narrow minded hate each other with tales from  epre independence era to cry out loud....



    //Why do north indians hate south indians?//

    South Indians always hate North Indians only for such a stupendous behavior




  15. u f**k in north indians   suck my c**k        if u guys cant accept us   why should we accept     f**k u gals who said we r black      we r white in heart    not black in down wat u have

  16. i am from chennai and i live in bangalore.. i have worked with many north indians.. of course their attitude and lifestyle is different from ours.. but its common.. diversity exist in india.. but no one hates each other.. its just a overall phenomenon.. in real u hate a person because of him.. not because of his background..

    and one reason why south indians donot accept supriority of hindi is because.. down south we have older languages like tamil and telugu which are as old as sanskrit and very very rich in literature etc.. we owe an sense of proud to our language and so do not accept being overpowered by a relatively younger language like hindi that can in no way be a more classy language.. its not that we hate hindi.. afterall why should we..

    and be sure about facts before posting.. Hindi is not naational language of india.. the court has clarified the issue saying "Hindi can be termed as an official language of India which is used widely in official work, but there is no notification issued (by the central government) conferring any national language status to Hindi."

    so cheers every language and state has its tradition in india.. mutual respect is the best way to live.. :)

  17. There are some people who starts with these kind of unusual thread...

    I don knw what fun you are getting with this. Now see, with each comment people started teasing each other..

    Dear thread Owner, why are you making people fight with these? Aren't u Indian?

    May God bless whole India...

  18. f**k you south indians... you a******s look like burnt up coal... motherfuckers u ppl f**k ur own sis's and moms u f*****g perverts... u ppl r the scum of india.. f*****g southies... no wonder the whole world hates you... you ppl look like s**t.. live like s**t... and eat s**t... f**k u south india.. and kiss my white a*s...

  19. I am a north Indian and I have never hated South Indians ever. Why would I? They haven't done any harm to me. In fact, I have a lot of friends from South. Yeah, that's true that they can't speak Hindi that well. So, what? It's not their first language. But, at least they try when they come to North, don't they? And I don't see any harm in learning Kannada if I am living in Karnataka.

    To me, it's just a matter of our own experiences. We often like or dislike people which are from our own cast or region too. It's just that we tend to ignore those facts and keep only the most easily distinguishable ones. There are people both from South and North, etc which me and my South Indians friends don't like at the same time. We have never bothered to care which region those people belonged to. We don't like those people because, of their bad qualities and not because, of their color, religion or region.

    And to my South Indian brothers, please don't consider this as racism when someone makes fun of your accent or anything. Sometimes, people are just having fun by find the most easiest topic to make everybody laugh. While others are just to be ignored. Nobody is perfect, especially them.


  20. ha ha south rockzzz alwayz if any north fella opposes this then tell ur bloody relatives to leave my andhra region stay at their own states i hate northindian women and orissa women and i hate bihari man spitting on roads yuk!!! telugus r the best and tamilians too

  21. i hate the caste system....................and NORTH INDIANS.......idiots


  22. NORTH INDIANS ARE RACIST.................south indians are just cool

  23. Im really sorry if Im hurting anybody here, but I basically have to say , North Indians are immoral , cheap , dirty/narrow minded , rude & proud.

    They think they own the country entirely to themselves. They are selfish , self-centered & proud to the core. There no such thing called Humility in them. They basically live up to the terms " s****t" . They love to insult
    others , b***h about people , gossiping , envying others is just a normal trait of theirs. They do not have anything such as a character . They are all basically characterless. They're more interested in having lusty relationships with people & soon after they derieve the pleasure , they ditch the person.

    North Indian youngsters are spoilt to the core. They involve into things like s*x , drugs at a very tender age. They change GFs/BFs like changing clothes!! They all lose their virginity around the ae of 14-15 & sleep with n number of people from then. I've personally seen one of my North Indian classmates in 11th , bringing Emergency Contraceptive Pill to school as she's afraid she'd get pregnant. They are Immoral & Characterless!!

    South Indians are way dignified in every aspect yet they're Humble enough to treat everybody with respect. No wonder they win the overall battles of life by developing good values & coming out as a cherishable personality!

  24. Hello everyone, NI do not hate SI and I have not experienced anything vice versa also. There may be a personal reason for hating some body but please do not spread racism here.
    I am a so called white complexion North Indian from Delhi but believe me guys, my best friends are Telugu , Tami & Mallus. We do crack jokes on each other's culture but that is a just a way of making fun among friends. My sis has recently got married in to a Kannadiga & Mallu mix family & we are just loving it. India has got The Best cultural mix in the world. Pls Cherish it!! Start admiring & appreciating ppl.. then u will notice that every person around u is nice. If u have a healthy & good perception towards others then u will also receive the same from them.

    There are so many things to learn from other cultures. Lets take it positively & love thy neighbor (not love making ..). Iam in Blore presently & enjoying my stay with MTR, Nagarjuna, Maddur vada, Saagars, oil free dosas, rava idlis..& Kesari bhaat !! Yum !! Enjoy maadi!!

    To all stupid NI & SI who feel they are Brand ambassadors of NI & SI, think they can spread hatred among my fellow Indians.. Sorry guys!! U are not allowed to do dat.. s***w U.. Sachin tendulkar ki kasam !! Smiles :)

  25. f**k off you Chandu....

    You south Indians are Pathetic.. you don't even know our national language "HINDI".... shame on you.. you guys know english better than us.. ok fine.. but let me tell you it's not our national language.. even president of countries like France, Germany, Russia don't know Englsh that doesn't mean dey are not educated or not intellectual.. atleast a person should know it's national language.. what you will tell a foreigner if he asks you to speak something in HINDI which is the only main language of REPUBLIC OF INDIA.. your answer will be..ohh i don't know hindi.. i am a proud indian but i don't know our national language.. i can only do rumm lala lala.... f*****g telegu.... you show your egoism by talking among your community even when living in north india!

  26. I am MANI from bihar. I dont like south indians and the main reason for this is they dont know hindi, south indians are good in english because they need a language to talk to north Indians. hindi is our national language, so every Indian should know hindi, but south Indians dont want to accept Hindi, i dont know why, i dont know whats their problem, I am not telling them to forget their mother tongue, i am telling them to accept Hindi also. north Indians have also many languages but still they know Hindi. so dear South Indians stop hating us and accept Hindi also. this is the only way to make our India greater and richer.(my engish is not good so u can find lots of mistake).....

  27. who is the fucked up guy who asked this question

  28. we dont hate them we just dislike them and their just so dark and ugly eww!!

  29. thanks dear bro. guest17857352

  30. people of south are so much sick of their language and culture, even though they are knowing hindi they are not willing to speak it .. but if you see south indians in north they accept hindi as their language .. its like double standard ,

  31. dear, Guest17864250

    i didnt want to discrimate the north indians on the basis of anything. i just wanted to post a reply to all those north indians who have posted against south indians, so that they realize that they ate actually wrong about south.

    By the way, i am neither north indian nor south indian..i belong to a south indian family settled permanently in north. I know and speak Hindi very vell, and i can converse in my mother tongue, telugu also.

    So, i am with both the north and south indian people. and i have written in my posts just about what i felt. and its true. I beleive in the integrity of the nation and i love india for its diversity. But the way north indians hate south, and south indians hate north is pretty bad. and not good for the country.

    i have seen and talked to many north indian people who just hate south. it may be their jealousy or any thing else, but it just fills anger within me. And i feel like slapping those people. Similarly, when i go to south i have seen some people talking rudely to the north indians. This is what i dont like.

    Whatever, but for north indians who hate the south indians, its my sincere advice to them that first understand your nation, culture, tradition, languages, their history and origin, the different kinds of people living here, the food culture and the reason for it in different parts of the country. always cocentrate on positive points, and not negative. Both north and south people are equally smart and clever, but they way of presenting themselves is different, some are reserved and shy, while others are straight forward.
    Dont demotivate others. dont think yourselves superior. all are equal

    Thanks for reading


  32. Bravo !! Kudos to all my Indian (or shall I say Bharatiya) Brothers who have commented here !! We don't need a Pakistan or Taliban or even China to s***w our beautiful country India, we have our own people to do so. Cheers !
    Some quick questions for you to think:
    1. Does anyone know to which region of Bharat does his/her income tax go?
    2. Does anyone stop praying Lord Venkateshwara because the holy temple is in Tirupati ?
    3. Does anyone stop praying Lord Shiva because the holy place is in Amarnath and Kailash Parvat ?
    4. I've a Kashmiri Hindu friend. He was thrown out of his ansectral place by his Kashmiri Muslim neighbours, even though they spoke the same language and looked alike. Why ?
    5. I've a Punjabi Hindu friend. His family came to India as refugees in 1947 from Lyallpur, Pakistan because their Punjabi Muslim neighbours couldn't tolerate them, even though they spoke the same language and looked alike. Why ?

    Think, my "netizen" friends, think, and then try to find answers to this question. Always think and think before you can form an opinion.

  33. This is the tragedy of south indians that they are living in a country with north indians. As long as a south indian doesn't come in contact with a north indian he is a person who is self assured and confident of his abilities but the moment he comes in contact with a north indian guy he ends up with a low self esteem. An average north indian not only belives he is superior to a south indian but he also belives in giving a complex to a south indian. At least in america the blacks and whites have different national origins. The kind of racism that happens in India doesn't happen elsewhere in the world. The implicit assumption in Deep's post is that south indian men are ugly that is why the south indian women like the north indian guys. Well with countrymen like you we south indians don't need enemies. At least the britishers were much better than you north indians. You people are even worse than the n***s when it comes to racism. It is high time the south indians took a decision whether they want their future generation to end up with low esteem because of the racist north indians.


  34. for all those north indians that who are proud of their beauty and fairness, features, cultures and tradition and think they are superior to the south indian, here are some facts for those stupids-

    1. Tell me any popular bollywood actress from M.P, U.P or Bihar. apart from the Bangal (which is not in north but in east) and Punjab, none of them has produced any beautiful and talented actress.

    Most of the superstar actress in bollywood are from south only-
    Vyjayanthi Mala, Hema Malini, Rekha, Sri Devi, Jaya Prada, Meenakshi Sheshadri, aishwarya Rai, Shilpa shetty, Amrita Rao, Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone, and Asin Thottukmal. Trisha and Nayanthara whenever are soon to enter bollywood and they will rock. All are extremely beautiful and talented.

    2. North indians always hate south indians just because of two main reasons- they are black and they dont know Hindi. other reasons are just as stupid. For the kind information of those narrow minded northys, skin colour does not denote any kind of beauty, moreover in north india fairness= beauty, thats all, even if the guys or girl has ugly and non symmetrical features.

    In north also, especially in states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, West bengal, Orissa, you can find large no. of dark skinned people, who are discriminated to certain levels. Why??? This shows the poor mentality of the north people.

    I agree that in north fair people are more, but south indians are strong, intelligent, and healthier. They are good mucicians, dancers ( A.R rehman and Prabhu deva for example, who are extremely popular in north as well as south belong to tamil Nadu)and scholars. Tamil nadu has got 3 noble prizes, kamal hassan has a record of winning the most no. of film fare awards.

    Tamil and telugu film industry dominates in south and earn almost as much as bollywood. the costliest film ever in India was Sivaji-the boss by rajnikanth, however bad looks he has, he is the mosrt expensive actor in asia after jackie Chan.
    Telugu Film industry is prosperous and produces more films than bollywood annually and the average cost of each film is 10-15 crores!!!
    What more can u expect from two industries, which have limited regions (single states)and yet they produce movies at par with bollywood in terms of picture quality, direction, dance, and music???
    Also, they atleast have their own singers like balasubramaniam Yesudas, Chaitra. In Hindi movies, people from other languages have sung and are singing- Lata mangeshkar, asha bhosle, sonu nigam from Marathi, Kishor Kumar from bengali. Why there are not any great singer fron M.P and U.P??

    Other thing is the language and culture- those who think that hindi is our national language, its for their kind info that it is NOT our nationl language. Check out various sources on the internet carefully. So, south indians cant be forced to take up the language. Hindi n English both are official languages, and we can do our work in either of the languages. And south indians are better in English than north ( dont argue about the accent, no one in india speaks the original accent)

    so, dear north indians, please stop discriminating south indians, we all are equal, and belong to the same nation, same tradition, history, and religion.


  35. I am from AP born in AP bit settled in Mumbai now in US. Usually people from AP come from rural areas with rather narrow mentality leading towards forming groupsof their own kind and less respect to women. Their world is limited to what they saw in their village. North indians live in imagination, they think they have seen the world always brag that they are the best. I feel people from mumbai, never brag and just mind their business and are more practical. So I like mumbaiyya attitude, both noth and south should learn from them.

  36. Here south indians have told that north indians F***, girls are pro******.. This indicates those are actually south indians who has dirty mentality. Whenever they talk , they talk only F*** etc etc..
    Thats why I hate money minded south indians.

  37. I live in Melbourne Australia and all you scum bags from India especially the Gujarati North Indians come to Australia and bring your rotten tradition and skin colour here. Australia does not tolerate racism and yet racism is practised amongst our own kind. Why don't you Indians stay in India and educate yourself there instead of coming here and stealing the jobs of our locals just to pay prostitutes. South Indians are dark skinned but people of honour, good integrity ,loving and caring, not worried about your degrees,money and all your ill fortune that you North Indians make by robbing the poor....Get a life and stay in India

  38. I live in Melbourne Australia and all you scum bags from India especially the Gujarati North Indians come to Australia and bring your rotten tradition and skin colour here. Australia does not tolerate racism and yet racism is practised amongst our own kind. Why don't you Indians stay in India and educate yourself there instead of coming here and stealing the jobs of our locals just to pay prostitutes. South Indians are dark skinned but people of honour, good integrity ,loving and caring, not worried about your degrees,money and all your ill fortune that you North Indians make by robbing the poor....Get a life and stay in India

  39. i am a north indian born into a rich good family.grde 8 to 12 are when u get girls and fun fact i got them simply because i was good looking and fair.girls want that baby and south indians dont have anything to give to beautiful girls apart from their ugly faces..................

  40. I am American of Sri Lankan Tamil origin.  I grew up outside Sri Lanka and never really got to know Indians from India.  My friends are neither Sri Lankan nor Indian.  I have experienced a form of unfriendliness from Indians and Sri Lankans  in general and I feel that it has more to do with the person.  Maybe some people dislike me because I am dark-skinned or because of my features.  I think I am pretty and my husband does too and that's all that counts.  I don't obsess about my skin color and am shocked when I read the comments from some Indians who are so obsessed with skin color and am saddened and disgusted by Bollywood culture and values and their obsession with fair-skin.  Indian people are very disunited in general and I am so happy I don't live there.  Also when I traveled on Air-India once I was treated rudely by the Indian flight attendant.  In general I try to avoid Indians because the ones I have run into are so rude.  I don't care what part of India they are from but Indians seem to separate themselves depending on the region they come from.  When I am asked where I am from I just say I am American and my parents are from Sri Lanka.  I refuse to say I am of Indian origin and don't feel at all connected with the Indian mentality.  I think the country needs psychiatrists to help a majority of the people especially in their views on skin color.  I read that skin lightening creams are very popular there.  This is sickening to me.  I don't have western features nor am I light skinned but I don't care.  I don't desire to be what but to accept what I am and how I was born. I used to be obsessed with skin color but no longer am.  I avoid being near Indians and Pakistanis and Sri Lankans because of their mentality and inappropriate behaviors.  I would like to visit India but I know I would feel like a stranger there.  I would like to see how the people live and learn Hindi so I can converse with the locals.

  41. listen it is my india & i wont tolerate any body nin this world alone to let chunk it off     this Guest14696683 is a non-sense & he does not know the bloodshed of indians for freedom. WHAT IS NORTH OR SOUTH IT IOS MY INDIA .HE SAYS HE IS A KANNADIGA BUT DOES HE KNOW WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO MBE KANNADIGA ,DOES HE KNOW ANY THING ABOUT NORTH INDIA COME AND SEE A VILLAGE OF NORTH INDIA & YOU WILL REALISE THAT INDIAN CULTURE IS NOT A s**t PART OF ANY d**n ESTATE IT IS THE SAME.YOU THINK THE GIRLS FROM NORTH INDIA  ARE ALL PROSTITUES





  43. north indian women have no morals..all my north indian friends lost their virginity when they were 14,go to any parties 95%of the women who act trashy will be north indians.. jumping from guy to guy,smoking,wearing skimpy outfits,drinking and S****y are a stereotype north indian women

    if you hate south indians then get out of bangalore..and also from hyderabad and chennai and btw do sth to fix your womens loose v****a

  44. I'm a north indian and really don't hate south indians. In fact, I try to be friends with them since I love their intelligence. And between I'm a gujju from gujarat.

  45. why i hate north indians ?

    i am a kannadiga from bangalore ,and these are the reasons as to why i hate north indians ..

    1.)first of all they do not know how to behave , they shout in public places , spit everywhere , dirty my beautiful bangalore , talk loudly on mobile phones .

    2.)they complain all the time , ya thats right , i have a good number of north indians friends and they complain about everything . though their native place has nothing to offer them and is full of s**t .

    3.)they dosent respect other cultures , dosent care to learn kannada , PLEASE REMEMBER KANNADA IS FAR FAR RICH AND EVOLVED COMPARED TO ANY INDIAN LANGUAGE , .................. AND ALSO THEIR b***h OF A MOTHER COULD NOT PROVIDE THEM FOOD , EDUCATION , EMPLOYMENT , SO THEY COME DOWN HERE , b******s .

    4.)they believe they are fair , people from karnataka are fair too , in fact aishwarya rai , deepika , many for that matter are kannadigas and kannadiga girls have  better moral than any nort indian whores , and no south indian girl wants to be with illmannered s*x hungry north indian we have the most beautiful (also by heart ) girls .

    5.) they never say please or thank you , it reflects their background .

    6.)they are illmanered , dosent bathe regularly , they stink , lack oral hygine , sleep with prostitutes ( 4-5 north indian with one prostitute {north indian prostitute off course } ) , are dirty buggers .

    7.)are really stupid , real intellects in india are from south , 3 tamilians have received nobel prize , and there are great number of scientists all over south india, kannada has maximum number of gnanapith awards , we rock , great films are made in tamil not hindi , no s**t but north india is filty and filled with s**t .

    8.)they are really annoying and have very poor civic , social and common sense .

    9.)please remember that north indians come south because they do not have enoughf oppurtunities up north , no good education at all , they drink and fight , use south indian resources fully , yet complain .

    10.)next time u see a north indian ,do not forget to hate him .

    however , marathis speak superb kannada and are well mannered , i love them , and i do not consider chinks worthy of a comment , please stay away from bangalore . PLEASE DO REMEMBER THEY HATE US , SO I HATE THEM BACK , THEY HATE US IN OUR OWN LAND , f**k THEM , IF THEY HATE US WHY THE f**k DONT THEY GET OUT OF HERE .

  46. Sorry that was a response to the guy who lives in Usa and not to the question posted!

  47. I live in London and I have never experienced it.  Stop trying to cause rifts amongst Indians by posting stupid questions.
    When you do this you allow other countries to put Indians down, and yes that includes you.  If you hate south indians so much, leave their women alone.  With regard to this woman being ugly....I don't believe it , you probably say it because you have a micro sized p***s and by putting other down is your only way of dealing with it....

  48. South Indians simply hate north Indians, i am in USA and these South Indians form groups in companies, they give job to person from there own community, if you say anything to them they say you are not educated, well seems only South Indians think intellect belongs to them, double standard, highly cautious people who make life of other h**l. Americans please wake up before South Indians with there tricks start ruling entire corporate America, these people are fanatics and so legal, and in America you can't hit these demons, they should all be conquered and made slaves. I meet a South Indian women too, yes she was Doctor and full of lust, wanted to have s*x with me but her body was so ugly, i hate South Indians, look at London, Gulf, USA, Europe these people play tricks and make life of other Indians tough.

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