Why did Sharon Osbourne leave the X Factor?

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Did she leave? Or did she get dumped?




  1. because the talentless were more talented ?

  2. I heard the same as Jo. She has now went to one of the American shows. Can;t remember what one though

  3. she demanded a massive payrise and itv wouldnt give in to her demands.... oh and she hated danni  

  4. she didn't like that Danii was getting all the attention

    she loves attention! i hate her!

  5. She was too good for the show

  6. I heard it was because she didn't get along with Danii

  7. I think she left because she just felt it was time and her and dannii didn't get along at all. Thats what i read anyway.


  8. Sharon believed she was a star, she even believed she was worthy of her own show.Fortunately wiser heads prevailed  

  9. she wanted an insane pay rise, and itv decided she wasn't worth it.

    its not the same without her though, i like cheryl but wish dani would leave!

  10. the show won't be the same without her, at least we got her in AGT, and she's gonna be the host for VH1''s Rock Of Love': Charm School,CAN'T WAIT

  11. i believe it was because they wouldn"t give her a hefty payrise,..greedy cow, like her and ozzy haven"t got enough money already

  12. She left by herself. I think it was something to do with money and Danni Monouge. I'm not sure but i remeber reading something in the paper about money rows. However on it says:

    'On 6 June 2008 it was announced in a statement on behalf of Osbourne that she has decided to step down as an X Factor judge after four series on the show. The statement read "Sharon would like to thank the wonderful British public for their enormous support during what's been an exciting ride. She would also like to take this opportunity to thank Simon Cowell and ITV while wishing them all the best for the next series."'

    So She may have just stepped down by herself.

    Nat x

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