Why did I see a g*y dream though I am heterosexual?

by Anonymous2207  |  3 years ago

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So I am a heterosexual male and I was in relationship with a girl for quite sometime but had a nasty breakup last year. So a few days back I had this g*y dream. I would like to explain the dream a little. As far as I remember it started with me getting dressed up as a girl by 2 girls who appeared to be my friends. And after they were done they were joking around and I don't remember exactly what happened after that but then I was sucking on a guy's c**k. He came in my mouth and the girls were cheering on while I was blowing him. And then one of the girls said now the real challenge or something like that and took out a strapon and I woke up. I felt really strange and weird as I have never had such a thought when I am awake or even in my dream before. I remember only once I had crossdressed by a friend of mine as I had lost a bet but it was a close door thing. And I was just wearing clothes not make up and stuff but I vividly remember that in this dream I was completely dolled up with a wig and even wearing lingerie. And I didn't have such a dream then..this incident was 3 years back. So I don't know how to explain this so it would be nice if you guys can help. Is this normal? What should I make of it? I am sorry for the long post

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