Why am I a total failure at life?

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plz.. idon't want stupid comments plz..iam 24 y and still in college!!! i was in one for 3 years then i changed to another college that i felt was appropriate for my dreams..i live alone ,my friends are married and have real jobs!! i always feel lonley like i dont want to talk to anybody.....i haven't found a real man share my life with




  1. i hear ya! but you know what is worse than any life in ny? being in a car crash with my drunk mother 12 years ago.  My baby brother and my lil brother are now faceing c**p that no one wants in this world. And you know what it can all change by going to school and having good smelling perfume. P.s if i spelled  a word wrong i dont care. ADD ME!

  2. your a failure because you believe you are one. you can't be a failure if you believe you are successful

  3. You are not a failure at all. In fact, you are doing a lot more than most 24 year olds are. You are in school, have your own place, etc. That doesn't sound like failure to me. Having a man doesn't define being successful! When the time is right, if it's meant to happen, he will find you. Right now, just focus on your school and enjoy life. You have to love yourself and be happy within yourself before you can love someone else. I am older than you and still in college and I feel very blessed and accomplished. You're never too old to accomplish and follow your dreams. Like I said at least you are in school and working to better yourself! Your life is what you make it! Just because people look happy or seem happy, that is not always the case and plus your friends may have been through a lot to get to where they are so never judge a book by its cover! Continue to go to school and learn to love yourself and life! Things will work itself out!

  4. you SHOULD still be in college even tho ur 24. My sister didn't end college til she was 25. and you might be going through depression, it sounds like symptoms of depression.

    You're 24, go to a club or the grocery store, even the sports department and find i guy for atleast a dating relationship. My guess is that when you shut yourself away from ppl that includes guys and they prolly get intimidated so they change thier mind about you.

  5. Keep your head up.  You have not even lived a third of your life span and you're calling yourself a failure?  Success is not measured by social status or educational achievements.  Maybe you need to reach out to someone less fortunate than you (and trust me there are many people less fortunate than you) to see your true worth.  We've all been down and out at some point so no, you are not alone.  God has given you unique gifts; by using your gifts and doing what you love you will find that special someone and things will work out.

  6. This always cheers me up.

    He failed as a businessman - as a storekeeper.

    He failed as a farmer - he despised this work.

    He failed in his first attempt to obtain political office.

    When elected to the legislature he failed when he sought the office of speaker.

    He failed in his first attempt to go to Congress.

    He failed when he sought the appointment to the United States Land Office.

    He failed when he ran for the United States Senate.

    He failed when friends sought for him the nomination for the vice-presidency in 1856.

    Who is this? Abraham Lincoln

    We are only failures when we chose to give up.

    Hang in there.

  7. you dont believe enough

    you cant just want good in life

    you gotta believe its gone happen

  8. aww don't worry everything will work out just keep working hard at collage trust me

  9. 24 if I'm not mistaking that's the age I graduated. I'm pretty sure your life would improve if you give it a chance. By the way it is very weird that all your friends are already married or with kids. Around your age, maybe 33% of the people you hang out with would fall under this category. The whole thing about significant other, don't worry about that, the guy for you normally comes when you least expected. You really need to believe in yourself a little more. I don't know how you look, but that does not matter. Like they always say, Everyone has their own taste and styles. The real job thing, don't worry after your done with school, is going to be tough to find a job, but when you do, it would be extremely gratifying. Get out of your apartment and try to enjoy life. Start talking a little more with the people around you. From this paragraph I can tell you do no communicate with people much. Trust yourself, and switch that attitude. Life would only get better if you allow it to.

  10. your not a complete loser....

    you are alive arent you?

    you did win the race against all those other sperm....

    so consider yourself luck you didnt die in your moms v****a.

  11. Thats not a total failure, thats the scenic route. You're better off for it, because you have life experience that you wouldnt get if you married at your age. And college is not a big deal, i did 3 years, worked, and now im 24 and going back with a different major, so i have 3 more years. I too live alone, by choice, and many o fmy friends have kids. the kids is what make me feel lucky ot be single, but dont live just to look for a man to "share your life with". share your life with you, and enjoy it now. Someday you will be married and very busy, and wish you were 24, single, and living by yourself again. Make more single friends or focus on what you enjoy doing. Maybe get a dog? I rescued a dog and he's been my best friend since.

  12. you are only 24!! being in college at that age is normal....depending on what you are studying. Don't be negative and compare yourself to someone else's life!! Wait for the right time and the right guy...he will come :)  Just because your friends are married and have "real jobs" doesn't mean that you will be married at the same age as them!! Good things come to those who wait...remember that!!   Good Luck and stay positive!!  :)

  13. You Aren't a Failure don't ever think that

  14. Don't ever think you are a failure in life. Not everybody is the same as other people. Eventually, you will look back at this and say "what the h**l?". Trust me, you may think it be true at this moment in time, but sooner or later your life will improve!

    Don't get worried. Don't get frustrated with yourself. Do what you want to do. And don't make yourself ill!

  15. your not, you have your entire life to decide what you want to do, and as for marriage your still young, and maybe you should meet new people it will help you feel less lonely, and what ever you do don't give up because theres people that i know that are in a worser position

  16. Hi Vanilla.......Trust me, you are not a total a matter of me you sound like the total success story. First get your education, then your occupation, and then that perfect guy.  Yes, I know you can do that in many different ways.........but the way I just suggested.......I myself, really do believe is the simple patient wonderful way to succeed. If you compare yourself to will just become "vain and bitter" keep doing what your doing and all will work out. All the best.............if I had a girlfriend like you I would be very proud of are making some very good decisions............bye

  17. Are you mentally challenged?  You're 24.  So what if you're still pursuing your dreams?  You can do that til you die

  18. My brother was just asking me the same question the other day.  Honestly it sounds like you are doing alot better than him.  Maybe its just going to take you longer than it is taking your friends.  There is nothing wrong with that everyone moves at a different pace.  Dont be so hard on your self and try your best to make good decisions.  You surely dont sound like a failure to me.  Good luck!!

  19. Look one thing at a time kiddo. You are working for something you want. You have more going for you then most people that I know. I dont have any friends either and I was sad. Truth is I work better alone. Your friends are married (with kids I bet) so of course they arent interested in you. I had that happen to me and you need to say good bye if it bothers you that much. DOnt worry about finding a man! You are in college so have fun! You are not a failure in life. You are only 24 years old, hardly enough time to know for sure that you are a failure.

    Stop this pitty party and get up and get out there and start making yourself change the way you think!

    Life is just too d**n short to be worring about this particular set of issues! You got your whole life to see the truth so jsut believe when I say that you are not alone. I wish you and I were friends becasue it sounds like you are a sweet person who is just as confused about life as I was/am.

    I hope you have better days coming your way. Dont stop believeing that tomorrow will be a brighter day. :)

    Cheer up sweetie.

  20. Just because you don't have a man in your life doesn't mean you're a failure.  Your should place your value in yourself, and not whether or not you're in a relationship.  As for the college thing, don't sweat it.  As long as you graduate, who CARES how long it takes you to finish!

  21. hey dont worry bout it kiddo...thats just life...and trust me, you got a friend out there that has a job, is married, and probably ooks at you and is jealous as all heck!

    the grass is always greener on the other side!  but just take your life in a positive attitude...trustme, your still very young, and every day is another opportunity to become more positive and move forward in a positive direction...

    Just concentrate on graduating and getting a good job! the rest will come.

  22. Hey, I went to 8 different universities before I graduated.   please, you're only 24.  this anxiety is insulting to those of us so much closer to death.

    plus you have 1400 points.  that didn't happen by accident.

  23. umm dropout of college, go and be more social. get a job...

    if you dont want to dropout then study for then rest of the final years and try to finish really try hard and work hard in your studies. maybe you can get in some study group and met new people make new friends and maybe find a man

  24. This doesn't make you a failure at life at all. Just keep working hard at your education, and make friends at college. You'll find a guy eventually.

  25. OMG i am just like you except im 17 .. i no exactly how you feel i sit at home most days and cry and just genuinly feel lonely as all my mates have boyfriends and i dont have one . so your not alone . just try and be more positive mayeb go and see somebody to talk to about it .. it often helps to talk to a stranger you know. and carry on at college theres nothign wrong with that it doesnt matter if your friends have jobs you may end up getting one twice as good so jsut believe in yourself and your abilities and you will be ok .. it will all work itself out in the end. good luck hun (:  x

  26. no...ur not a failure at life. You just havent found something that your are passionate about.

    you live alone...thats not bad for a 24yrs have your own place.

    your friends are married...GOOD FOR THEM!! You should be happy, not envy them.

    And dont worry, you will find your man soon!! and he will treat you, love you and know how to satisfy you in every need.

  27. maybe its because you always think so negatively.....dont think negative then only bad stuff will happen and no good things.dont worry things will get better in the future just put some effort to it =)

    hope i helped

  28. Keep a positive attitude and everything will fall into place. Don't worry you won't end up like a cat lady unless you think that way

  29. You aren't!  Stop telling yourself that and think about all you have.  You are in college and working towards your degree...just focus on that right now.  Join some clubs at your school and make new friends who aren't married and can enjoy the things you do.  

    Good luck!

  30. 24 is still plenty young. you have you're whole life ahead of you. start getting depressed if you're still in this situation at forty, but for now just cheer up. im sure somethings about to happen

  31. how does not having a man makes u a failure?

    everyone needs to cuddle with someone special, but that does not mean u are not worth it without a man.

    if u dont want to go to college, well, dont go and look for a job like your friends did. sometimes college is not for everyone, maybe u need or want to make money fast and feel independant. how? by doing things in life that make u happy, good things(not bad).

    families are never 100% happy or perfect, a lot of woman do have a men and children and have to worry about life twice as hard compared to a person who is lonely. when u are alone u can do and feel like doing whatever u want.

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