Who is your favourite comedian?

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Who is your favourite comedian?




  1. jim davidson

  2. Lee Evans

  3. got to be billy connely.

    thanks for that lulu :)

  4. Peter Kay and Lee Mack have me in absolute stitches x

  5. ricky gervais - brilliant!

  6. Alan davies is genius.

  7. Dane Cook and Dave Chapelle.

  8. Just has to  be Lee Evans. That guy has me crying!


  9. Larry The Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy are hilarious

  10. Dane Cook.


  11. Dave Chappelle is still my favorite. No one has ever made me laugh more than him.

  12. My mom's ally's husband

  13. Bill Engvall

    Dane Cook's pretty funny.  

  14. billy connolly hes brill i also like lee evans

  15. Scotch M ...hes hilarious  

  16. i like frankie boyle hes a babe

  17. ms minger....................she rocks, even though she aint on my contacts anymore boo hoo!!!!

  18. Charlie Chaplin

  19. George Lopez.... I am Mexican and well I can relate to what he says....  So funny!!! <3

  20. Jonathan Winters !


  21. alan carr but i agree with first answer alan davies is genius

  22. Plato! lol!

    Ricky Gervais, Jack Dee and Peter Kay are good.

  23. George Carlin and Robin Williams

  24. Tommy Cooper

  25. I like Graham Norton :)

  26. Demetri Martin

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