Who is your favorite comedian?

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Who is your favorite comedian?




  1. bill bailey

  2. Adam Sandler

  3. Micheal McIntyre

  4. matt lucas, with some of his characters, daffyd thomas, andy pipkin, vicky pollard, margorie dawes etc, do i have to say anymore

  5. Mitch Hedberg (RIP)

  6. Billy connolly is a legend :)

  7. Paul Merton

  8. Jim Carey

    I have to laugh just by looking at his face!  

  9. dane cook! that guy is hilarious!

  10. Jerry Seinfeld. Once, I watched one of his shows on youtube and I was laughing the whole time. I love how he exaggerates everyday things.

  11. Ricky Gervais! :D

  12. jerry seinfeld

    i saw him do standup and it was HILARIOUS

  13. Russell Howard, Frankie Boyl, Jimmy Carr.

  14. I have alot of favourite comedians: Russell Brand,Noel Fielding,Julian Barratt,Alan Carr,Jimmy Carr,Lee Evans,Rich Fulcher,Mike Fielding,Dave Brown and Chris Rock.

  15. Lee Evans

  16. tommy tiernan, andrew maxwell, neil delamere, colin murphy

  17. ben stiller!! =)

  18. billy connolly and frankie boyle oh and peter kay

  19. either bill cosby or dane cook.

    bill cosby just has that thing about him, y'know, makes you feel good.

    and dane cook just makes me laugh out loud for days

  20. Billy Conelly and Dara O'Briein

  21. Alan Carr

  22. Tommy Tiernan (He's Irish and Hilarious!!!)

    Also Jimmy Carr....I love his show DISTRACTION

  23. I have to say Armstong and Miller because their show is very funny!

  24. Norman Wisdom

  25. Lee Evans, going to see him in October.. cant wait!

    Russell Howard comes at such a close second though :P

  26. Richard Pryor.!!!

  27. Bill Bailey.

    His cornish turn is hilarious, as is his Argos joke.

  28. roseanne barr

  29. at the moment frankie boyle

  30. Lee evans

    Alan Carr

    Kevin Bishop


  31. jim davidson  

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