Which university is the best to study?(Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne)

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I got offers of 3 universities.

*University of Queensland (Brisbane) #33 of the world in 2007. Master of Commerce in Applied Finance

*University of Technology Sydney (Sydney) #87 of the world in 2005. Master of Business in Finance

*La Trobe University (Melbourne) #98 of the world in 2005. Master of Financial Analysis (CFA partner)

I will do a postgraduate coursework in finance and I would like to know which university and city is the best to study in terms of the culture of the university, night life in the city, international students, the people of the city, the chance of finding good accommodation, good transportation, cost of transportation for a international student, finding a job in the finance world.

Weather and beaches are not really important. I have to live for 1.5 years in the city.

Universities are equal in Australia to get a job I heard. But what if I want to work in Hongkong, Singapore, Europe or USA. Is the ranking important to find a job in Australia and somewhere else?




  1. Hi,

    I have came across a page about careers in financial services in australia.

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  2. The 3 uni's that u have selected are one among the good uni's in Australia. No doubt about that. But rather than selecting the uni, you should focus more on the course structure. Make sure that the course structure is good cos that is really more important than the uni. Say for example, UQ is a good uni in brisbane and it is also in G8. Anything to study in bio-tech, UQ is the best. But when it comes to IT, the course that QUT offers is better than the one in UQ. So give more importance to the course.

    Regarding the life, accommodation and transportation, u need not worry cos u have selected the three major cities in Australia. These are the best in terms of services. So u need not really worry about tat.

    Ranking is not important to find a job. How did u do in ur uni, ur resume and the way u answer the questions are important to get a job. So u need not worry about tat as well.

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