Which City is better for living ans studying from this followings: <span title="Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane?">Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane...</span>

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The best city is a city which is not boring, quite cheap compare to the other cities, has a good climate, and has a sophisticated city life.




  1. yes

  2. All three cities have excellent universities.

    Melbourne has Uni of Melbourne (ranked 2 in Australia), Monash (ranked 5) and RMIT (12) and a couple of other lower ranked.

    Sydney has Uni of Sydney (3), UNSW (6) and Macquarie (9) and others lower ranked.

    Brisbane has Uni of Queensland (4) and QUT (10) and a couple of other lower ranked.

    None of the cities is boring. Sydney is the most expensive, then Melbourne with Brisbane the cheapest.

    All 3 have very good nightlife, though Sydney and Melbourne are larger and have more than Brisbane. Brisbane has the added advantage of being only an hour away from the Gold Coast which has brilliant nightlife.

    Melbourne has the best dining out but Sydney and Brisbane are not far behind. From Brisbane you also have access to the Gold Coast&#039;s many restaurants.

    Brisbane&#039;s climate is fantastic (warm all year &#039;round with a sunny winter), Sydney&#039;s isn&#039;t too bad (cold winters), Melbourne&#039;s is terrible (very hot in summer and very cold in winter and very variable always).

    Shopping is best in Melbourne, followed by Sydney then Brisbane (but again, Brisbane also has the Gold Coast shopping).

    You&#039;re probably more confused than ever, but there&#039;s really no simple answer.

  3. Depends what you&#039;re looking at studying. The best Uni&#039;s are located in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Brissy is a very touristy place, nightlife not so hot but it probably the cheapest.

    Melbourne has a good city life but has probably the worst weather of the three.

    Sydney too has a good city life but is the most expensive, though its not dramatically more then Melbourne.

  4. Sydney is expensive to live in, Brisbane has great beaches and warm all year weather, Melbourne is the cheapest to live in and has good entertainment venues, all have great schools and universities, Sydney has good beaches, night life in Brisbane and Melbourne are very good

  5. Cincinnati

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