Where does the last name Porcenat comes from?

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it sounded french but i was not sure




  1. To be honest , I have never see that last name in my life.

    hope someone will answer for you.

  2. Hi, I've never heard of that name, either!

    I've tried Ancestry and and neither of those has any information on the surname Porcenat.  I did a Google search and found nothing relevant...

    Sorry I'm not able to help more!

  3. It's pretty much French....


    I just typed in the name in GOOGLE....and saw this immigration site w/ names and nationalities...

    Everyone w/the last name was Haitian

  4. Like the other two people who answered I have never heard of the name, have you got the correct spelling of it. I have looked at both sites already mentioned and I cant find anything, sorry.

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