Where are the kavach kundal of karna in present days?

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Where are the kavach kundal of karna in present days?




  1. Guest59630

     jin chutiyon ko ye lgta hai ki thori se technology aur science main taraki kar ke woh bahut mahan ban gaye hain woh sale gandu hain    kyun  doctor bhi case hath se nikalta dekh yehi kehta hai  bhagwan hi malik hai     nasa jese advance technology wale jab   kese danger jage phas jate hain to ye hi kehte hain God help us  .  beta  jo power and technology mahabharat main thee woh  technology banane kisi ki bas ki baat nahi 


  2. Guest59474

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  3. Guest58339

     Yes 100% I know because I have a mysterious book which give very true says that on that topic is that-Bhaiya ja ke padhai likhai karo subah utho mu hath dhulo exercise wise karo dole sole banao aur lugi dance karo kayam churan khao patanjali ka juice piyo aur kach kach kach subhah hagne jao aur taro taaza mahesush karo daba ke khao aur daba ke subhah subhah kach kachao aye hai bada kavach kundal dekhee ge bhaiya hagoo aur hagane do ye Sab bade pavitra atma the hum Sab Jo ESE pa bhi gaye to esse pahen nahi sakte uske tez ko bardass nahi kar payoge itna satvik nahi hai hum log padhai likhai karo yrr byeee.                   Aur ha YAAD RAKHNA Peet safa to hur rog dafa. Tanduri hai mast kach kachao dussst.

  4. Joanny


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  5. Guest55836

    In himalaya range main Kanchanjunga parabat main hain kavach kundaal......nikal lo aur bech ker Iphone 6 le lena , same cost hogi......hehehehe

  6. ShannonSMITH

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  7. Guest33129

     Me v karna ka fan hu bt mjhe lgta h ki kch jije duniya se chupi hi achi h......

    Karna ka kavach use prtct krta tha to blet prf jacket lelo wo v prtction dega....

    Bs frk itna hga k wo krn ka nhi hga.wse v slman ki sign ki gyi bieng human ki t shrt phenne se koi slman khan nhi bn jayga........agr sch krn k fan ho to unhe apna ideal bnao or follow karo........

  8. Guest21290

     kisi ko yah pata he ke indra ne karan ke kavach or kundal ko aopne sath le kar nahi gaya to uska usne kya kiya or aaj kavach kundal kaha he,

    is kavch kundal ko aakhari bar kisine dekha tha kya ?

    agar dekha tha to kab or kaha





  9. Guest442

     chalo ek team banaakar kavach kundal dhoondhte he  aur sath mei khane ke liye yeppy noodell v lechalo..

  10. jisco bhi kavach ke bare me pata chale to sampark kare .9696784311

  11. .... im trying to make team to go find it.... anybody interested  hit me up ...  or eles i will go myself.... 

  12.  We all have that kavach inside us but known with other name as will power.

    Anybody can do anything with a good will power.

    Some practices to control extremepain.


  13.  Guys if u dnt knw or blve in the epic Mahabharata..then it's ur personal feeling...but pls stop making fun of it ...sme peolple do respect dat and some dnt but pls dnt insult Mahabharata...if u try to know thn u will knw dat lord krishna told many things at dat time dat wat future will face..and we are fcng those in our daily life...whthr it's a small thing or big..pls guys dnt mke fun of Mahabharata...plsss..

  14. Ok gues, stop fighting & sit tightly Mr. Michael Row will describe us what is Mahabharat.

  15. where is the karana's vijaya dhanush preasent day?

  16. In himalaya range
    the kawach is in the third mountain from lefy
    and kundal is in 2 mountain from direction west
    if u want than get it with honestly

  17. dgdfgdfgdfgdfg

  18.  i don't think so tum sab ki traha nahi hoon mein ek din bhagwan ki krupa se mujhe vo kavach aur kundal mil hi jayega mujhe vishvas hai mein uska galat istamal nahi karne ke bajye logon ki madad karne mein unki seva mein sath dunga

  19.  f**k that kundal kavach.... Present time the kundal kavach is change in apple iphone nd samsung galaxy....

  20. Tum sab apni maa chudvao...

  21.  Mc dolands,KFC mey mileyga or may be you can find in google dhundlo

  22. reserch karo aur phir serch karo be honest.......

  23.  bhai logo ye sab  akwas h sab pandito ka kra dhra h tum khud chocho ki kya koi maa k pait se kawac kundal phn k ataa h 'ha m manta hu ki karan acha dhanudhar or danni tha magar sale in pandito ne mahakaya m mirch masala or laga diya taki hm  hbhram m pad jay' aisa kuch nnahi h ' or nahi to karan ko surya ka son hi bta diya 

  24. Mere hisaab se vo kawacha or wo kundal Indra ne himalaya parvat me chupa diye the.Aur oos jagah ko dhondhana kalyuga ke logo ki bas ki baat nahi bhale hi ham science mein kitne aagay nikal jain Bhagwan se aagey to nahien nikal sakte na.Isliye oos kawach ke baare me soochna chodh ke desh se corruption nikalne ke baare mein socho. 


  26. i have accient map of dauopar yuga and im tring to find it


  27. It's a really critical question to answer, if yor really found it then please courier me immediately.

  28. actually indra took it for his own use to swarga(heaven) becoz,he was afraid of Rakchhas and he used to run away to mahavishnu to save his life. after mahabharat, have u heard that Indra run away to mahavishnu. Not ? becoz,he is possessing KAVACH.


  30. As Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi or Jaggu Dada......they had found it during NAKSHA Movie :D

  31. its so imp thing for our india so think about it.

  32. after indra took karna's kawach and kundal,indra came to me and asked me to hide that kawach and kundal and also told me a hymn which on invoking i will become as powerful as karna, but i have never tried because i will invoke that hymn on 1/10/2012. so till then please wait and get ready to be thrilled.

  33. in Maan sarovar

  34. go to himalaya

  35. mere pass

  36. i know where it is it is in the swarga rohini mountains 3000 kms far away from badrinath

  37. its with me

  38. karnak, come and see

  39. I think that the kavach kundal of Karna was left in the Himalayas by lord Indra and it is existing.I've keen interest in it.

  40. yes i want know  when indra take kavach kundal from karna his keep any safe place but u also don't know after what Happened when indra take  kavach kundal

    my dear you don't know about  mahabharat that's why u send this Massage

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