Whats the name of...?

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the place Amanda goes to in the Holiday? England what?




  1. Surrey

  2. It was tricky to find until I went to Wiki.  

    It's Surrey, England where the cottage is located, but she works in London.

    This is what I found in Wiki:

    After 3 years of an on-again off-again relationship, Iris (Kate Winslet) is still in love with Jasper Bloom (Rufus Sewell), her co-worker at a London publishing house, despite his infidelity and exploitation of her feelings. However, during her company's Christmas party, Jasper announces that he is now engaged to Sarah Smith-Alcott, the woman with whom he cheated on Iris, and Iris is crushed.

    Meanwhile, Amanda, (Cameron Diaz) in Malibu, California, has just recently found out that her boyfriend, Ethan (Edward Burns), has been sleeping with his 24-year-old receptionist. She dumps him, but reveals that she is unable to cry. On a whim, Amanda decides to take a break from her hectic job and love life and rent a house somewhere far away. While surfing a home exchange site, she finds Iris in Surrey, England; the two agree to exchange.
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