What was a worse loss last night: The Yankees loss or the Mets loss last night?

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I'd rather LOSE a game than LOSE a game with a 7 run lead




  1. Yea Mets loss was worst

  2. mets easy, yankees arent making the playoffs and the mets? .....

    well it looks like last september all over again

  3. The net effect was bigger for the Yankees.  Time is running short for them.  they may be done with another loss in the next two games.  Of course, if the Yankees don't make it to the playoffs they might cancel the post season entirely.  I mean, they are entitled to be there, right?

    The Mets are not hurting so bad in the standings, but it was a typical game for them.  The first half of the game they do some hitting and don't allow much scoring.  The the B team takes over with the reverse happening.  Same players on the field, but entirely different action.  Losing this game could crush their collective psyches

  4. It just takes a Mets win tonight and they're back in first place.  A Yankee loss tonight and they can start making their off-season vacation plans.

  5. The Twins lost.


    P.S  Yankees won't make the playoffs.

  6. Mets loss.

    1.  B/c im a phillies fan.

    2. b/c they had a 7 run lead.

  7. Mets they where up 7 -0 and the PHils rallied back to win. The Yanks didnt even have a lead and I'm a Phillies fan so the loss means more to me.

  8. Mets by far

  9. I would say the Mets just because they have a lead in their division. But the yankees lose still hurts because to make it to the wild card they need to be able to keep pace with the red sox now and sweep them the rest of the year.

    And yes I know I didn't mention the twins or white sox, and that's because they aren't in the wild card lead.

  10. The Mets' loss was much bigger, they have more at stake. The Yankees loss wasn't as meaningful.

  11. The Mets did....unfortunately...

    Lets Go Mets

  12. Definitely the Mets. The only reason the Yankee game got so much attention is becuase they all hated A-Rod and they were playing their biggest rival.

  13. Mets. They had a huge lead against their biggest rival but unfortunately the bullpen blew it again and they lost first place.

  14. Mets loss is way bigger....yankees are pretty much finished and the Mets are in a super close race with phili no doubter mets is bigger

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