What is the value of Excuse in life

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What is the vlaue of Excuse in life?
In school we gave many excuses to our teachers during exams and tests! And they may have worked too! But in the exam and test of life no excuse is going to cut it! However valid or genuine the excuse is life doesn't care. If you don't show up and do your best you don't move forward. You cannot substitute work ethic with anything. I know many friends who are millionaires and there's nothing Overly special about them.
They just have a process and they work it without any excuses. Getting up late getting up early, pulling over on the road, skipping a meal, losing sleep all that is necessary to scale things forward. So the best advice I can give you is accept no excuses only results. Whatever the results require then get to work and do it! When you go from completing tasks to completing tasks your going to start making money beyond what you are even ready to handle at the moment. No excuses only results!

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