What is the sigma nu secret handshake?

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  1. Guest59561

     Touch tips

  2. Guest59505

     I was Sigma Nu at NIU and, after being away for 25 years, think it's a joke and I regret it.  Frats and sororities are ridiculous.  Yes, I do remember the handshake, but I won't tell.  It is listed above, though.  

  3. Guest58030

     Knights only.



    Lambda Theta 402


  4. Guest56740

    Only real men deserving of this bud. 


    -MI 250

  5. Guest45499

    None of these are correct haha f**k you GDI faggots. Delta Xi 1952

  6. Guest10848

     HAHA I love all this brothers uniting to keep the secret h**l yea Sigma Nu roudy gentlemen since 1969

    Lamar University Zeta Psi 627 




  7. Guest156
    "Sorry buddy, but that is a right reserved for gentlemen"

    Like these "gentlemen"?

    "Why don't you f*****g try to rush, study, and take part in the fraternity instead of cheating your way in you little f**k."

    "love the brotherhood guys, never let any GDI faggots know the secrets we work so hard to protect -rk2011"

    "Go f**k yourselves. Delta1682"

    "yea good luck getting that information. GDI p***y -MP291"

  8.  Reading all of these guesses is pretty hilarious.

    Do the work and once it's earned you'll know



    ΛΧ 386

  9.  Lmao...only Knights have this knowledge. Double squeeze, snake bite, elbow squeeze😄...brutal

    -Lamda Iota #119

  10.  Grab their right elbow with your left hand, make eye-contact, and nod. Then a normal handshake. 

  11.  All this "hard work" and "earning the right" sounds a lot like hazing to me... 

  12.  It's a normal handshake just squeeze the hand twice. 

  13.  yea good luck getting that information. GDI p***y



  14.  Remember, just when you think you've figured it out...If you're not a Brother, the chance is that you've been successfully deceived and made to look like a fool...the joke's on you-who think you know.

    Never forget the life, the way and the light...Remain a Knight of the Legion of Honor 

    Love you Brothers,

    A. Latorre      K765


  15.  Knights only bud. 


  16.  Go f**k yourselves. 


    Go c***s. 

  17. It's a snake bite using your index finger and middle finger onto the other person's palm

  18. Austin...PCP... Austin ....PCP

  19. It's the old double squeeze

  20.  one person taps the other persons wrist 3 times, then they return with 2, (just like the knock), then one person grabs the lobe of their own ear, and then the other person locks his fingers and stretches them outwards... easy as 1,2,3.

  21. I am the current president of our chapter and this is one of our most sacred secrets!!! You will never get this information from a true brother!  HP835

  22. you take your right hand and shake their hand, and with your left hand you finger their a*****e. LHT GO1468

  23.  love the brotherhood guys, never let any GDI faggots know the secrets we work so hard to protect -rk2011

  24. Brothers - PLEASE - a little more "gentlemanly" conduct in your responses! DNB EtaSigma191

  25.  Squeeze the knuckles with your thumb, ring finger and pinky.

  26. How about rushing?


    LHT - EZ2031

  27. I'm a current Sigma Nu pledge and I don't even know what it is. If you want to learn the secrets of a fraternity, then you need to be respectable and honorable and go find out yourself. Rush a fraternity and do something with yourself instead of sitting on the computer and asking people to just give away things that worked hard for.

  28.  Everyone know everything about Sigma Nu, their stuff is the most unguarded fraternity stuff out there.

  29. Keepin it mysterious in the Lamba Delta chapter.

  30. Do the work and maybe you'll be able to know...we represent true brotherhood we don't go and squeal


  31. Why don't you f*****g try to rush, study, and take part in the fraternity instead of cheating your way in you little f**k.


  32. good guess

  33. What who doesn't know the hand shake...oh that's right your silly a*s! Do as much hard work as me and my brothers did to get where we are and if you make it, then you'll find out. So dumb!



  34. Sig nu... u guys are a bunch of jokes. ur chapters suck everywhere u are. so stop trying to be cool f**s.

  35. Actually he can't "rush his local chapter", because VMI hasnt had a Sigma Nu chapter or any greek organization chapters in years.


  36. Quick question to all you Sigma Nu guys... I'm a VMI cadet currently living in Old Barracks room 110 the former room of James Hopkins, Sigma Nu's founder.  I was wondering if there was any truth to the "cadet rumor" that VMI alumni and those who wear the ring are honorary brothers?  I really appreciate your help.

  37. Its none of you god d**n business if you are not a brother

    IN 551

  38. No brother will ever give away what our handshake is. It's a right earned by Knights and only Knights. So have fun attempting to find out, because it's not going to happen.


  39. A reach around

  40. Basically you need to put your fingers out like a peace sign and curve them so that they look like fangs.  Then give the reciving brother with a litte "bite" and hiss like a snake when you shake their hand.  One of two things will happen.  They will either laugh their a*s off, or they my just beat the tar out of you for being an idiot.

    LHT Brothers - TK555

  41. dude you will never know the handshake unless you go through what we all had to go through to earn the right to know it!

    LHT   Eta Gamma 1158

  42. There is a secret hand shake, then there is a hand gesture / movement to test is someone is really a brother.

  43. Its decevingly simple.

  44. Rush your local chapter, get initiated and find out. That's about the only way you will find out.



  45. Sorry buddy, but that is a right reserved for gentlemen.



  46. Nobody will ever let you know that.


  47. You will never find out.


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