What is the difference between and "car bomb", "massive car bomb", and "really big car bomb"?

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The number of deaths? Loudness, weight? Maybe we need a standardization that is understood by all readers, listeners and media outlets.




  1. power of explosion, or potential explosion.

  2. car bomb =  boom

    massive =    bang

    really big =   kaboom

    they left out the next level  

    huge explosion = bada bing bada boom

  3. I think its somehow linked to miles per gallon.

  4. the difference is "pipe bomb", "dynomite", and "C4"

    actually its how big the shockwave is, some bombs can be loud and some make a big scene, but the perfect ones are the nicely compacted, pressurized ones that you can not only hear but feel go off hundreds of yards away.

  5. Just laymans terms to indicate how much explosives were used

  6. Media naming.  Ask the journalists, they think that c**p up.  Bottomline, a car bomb is a car bomb.

  7. Pretty much -- yeah, number of deaths and loudness.

    But does it really matter? It's like making a distinction between a serial killer who kills 5 people and one who kills 15.

  8. The size of the BOOM!

  9. Casualties, massive casualties and really big casualties.

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