What is the best adult baby diaper ?

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i where depends and i want to find ether a bigger and noisy diaper or a baby looking one so what are the best ones in store




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     We have a newly adopted 14 year old daughter who is starting over as a baby and we are using the Gerber flat cloth diapers in the 24x27 inch size on her with adult size plastic pants in pastels and babyprints on her 24/7.She likes the cloth diapers and plastic pants as they make her feel more babyish.She uses a pacifier and also drinks from a bottle and sleeps in an oversize crib at night.We just baptized her as a baby three weeks ago at our parish and di her in a cute,white sleeveless,midthigh length baptism dress and bonnet with lace socks and white satin booties.We did a size 8 pampers cruiser diaper on her with babyprint rubberpants over it and a tee shirt under her dress for the ceremony.She had her pacifier in her mouth and carried a teddy bear in her hands.

  3. uhh you want a bigger one and more noisy uhhh ok?

  4. I don't believe any diaper is noisier than Depend.  Perhaps the biggest is Abena Abri-Form X-Plus.  It isn't noisy because the padding is too thick.  As for a baby-looking one, Bambino Diapers makes a custom diaper with a printed front panel with baby-like blocks on it.    

  5. Thicker would be Molicare, Abena X-Plus or Bambino. As for being more noisy, good luck. Babyish would have to be Bambino with the prints on them. Good luck in your search.

    And try a search with yahoo for adult diapers or use the specific brand name mentioned above.

  6. I didn't think diapers made noise, I thought the noise came from the person who was crapping in them.

    Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about,  but it occurs to me that if you must wear a diaper, you'd rather hide it. I've never heard of anyone who wants it to be so obvious. you're an adult baby.

    Well since that's the case, here is a link to a bulky diaper with noisy tape. Good luck.

  7. I wear Tena Maxi Slip which are great.

  8. did you have a troubled childhood or something?

    a diaper?

    for serious?

    give me a break.

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