What factors encourage youth to engage in suicide?

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What factors encourage youth to engage in suicide?




  1. A lack of hope.  

    In Canada there is a high percentage of aboriginal teen suicide because the reservations they live on provide no opportunity or hope.

    There is also a high percentage of g*y teens who commit suicide because their family/friends do not support them.  Imagine being disowned for something you couldn't control?  

    I personally think that when we hide things from kids that we set them up for failure.  They grow up thinking the world is merry and wonderful then BANG they are faced with problems.  It's more difficult to believe a problem is manageable if you don't think anyone else has ever suffered like you have before.  If we let kids know that there is suffering in the world but people are strong and press through, it would be healthier.  

    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  

  2. feelings of hopelessness, when life just seems like it wont get better

  3. Loneliness (broken heart, no friends, no popularity, family tensions)

    Negative Living Conditions (debt or no money)

    Television (movies and tv shows... joking or not)

    Depression (struggle in school, loss of something cared for)

    Access (ease of suicide by means of knife, gun, or medication)

    Drugs (alcohol and illegal substances)

    Running Away (did something illegal/really bad and have no hope)

  4. Youth believe that life isn't worth it anymore.  Many people are begging for help and some people help them.  The major reason that people commit suicide, or attempt it, is because they feel that no one cares about them.  Usually when people kill themselves, they never got help, but the warning signs are everywhere.  Depression, change of appearance, talk of death.  If someone wants to kill themselves, help them out.  Don't wait until it is too late.

  5. That is such a sad subject. Far too many young people take their own lives before they've had a chance to experience life. There are multiple factors that contribute to teen sucide. Some of these factors are, peer pressure, parental pressures such as high academic or social success, changing hormones that cause major mood swings, drugs and/or alcohol abuse, abusive or neglect in the home,and even world conditions that are beyond our control. Pressure in the media to look and act a certain way. Answering this question has been an eye-opener for me too. I wish public and high schools had lectures and even social studies classes that delved more deeply into this subject and that teens were offered places to go and talk to someone before they considered suicide.

  6. if they feel sad and isolated  

  7. That life isn't worth living anymore.They don't want to die,they just don't want to feel worthless.

  8. The factors for each teen are as diverse as the teens themselves.

    Some of the most common include:

    - feelings of lostness and isolation

    - hopelessness

    - loneliness

    - physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

    - prior history of mental illness, such as depression or manic depression

    - pressure emitted from families and society to be perfect

    - recent trauma

    - bullying

    - a break-up or fight with friend

    - drug or alcohol abuse

    BTW, no one "encourages" teens to commit suicide.  The factors I listed are things that may drive teens to.

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