What are the reasons australians live on the coast?

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What are the reasons australians live on the coast?




  1. Because the centre of Australia is unbearable. It's just desest red dirt in every direction nothing can be grown. The coastline is one of the best in the world and the temperature is more bearable becos of the sea. Who wouldn't wanna live on our coasts. A good example of what australian outback looks like is the films Pricilla queen of the desert and crocodile dundee.

  2. We Aussies love the beach. It's part of our lifestyle.

    Another reason is the weather. Australian weather is extreme inland. The weather is moderated by the sea on the coast, therefore, it's normally mild.

    Take Canberra for instance. It's inland and the weather there can be either too hot or too cold.

  3. Most of central Australia is inhabitable. Australia's cities were established on the coast so that where people stay. The employment is there and the weather is more comfortable. The coast suits the Australian lifestyle.

  4. you also need good reliable rainfall where a lot of people live, the main place to get this is on the coast, inland it can be very sporadic (but mostly just dry)

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