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The local community voted to fund construction of a public light-rail system. In order to clear a path for the light rail, the government will have to condemn various family- owned houses and several apartment buildings to make way for a transit station. What are the potential effects of the light-rail construction?




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  2. In the immediate area, property values might go down if they are located near the light rail.  There will also be more noise near those properties.  But also, there will be a higher income for the city with the light rail which can be used to provide more services, also more jobs.  And if people start using the light rail more, it will cut demand for gas, therefore lowering gas prices possibly.

  3. Compenastion given by Govt. to owners of houses and buildings to be adversely affected will imply an increase in liquid wealth of these people.

    The property prices will increase because the transit station will improve communication of the locality with other centres/ places. Construction acitvity will generate employment and income to local people.

    Construction may for a while disrupt local life due to heavy noise, movement of construcytion equipment and material. Noise pollution due to movement of trains will be a negative effect to be endured after construction of the light rail system

    Better conveyance and tranportation will be  a gain.

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