What are the physical features of London?

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     this tells me nothing!



  2.  help me with phisyical fatures pls for my prep



  3. The Thames River has been the main waterway of England since the time of the ancient Romans. Its importance comes from the great civilization. Thames is one of the best-known rivers in the world. It is England’s chief waterway. The Thames is some 205 miles (330 km) long, running 140 miles (226 km) from the source to the tidal waters limit. The Thames begins at Seven Springs in the Cotswold Hills. It tracks through the Chiltern Hills. The river flows through the English countryside, passing Windsor Castle; the college town of Eton; l Hampton Court palace and then on to London.


  4. grey, red, blue, white


    london bridge

    buckingham palace

  5. thames river is in can u not know that?? Thames is one physical feature and Big Ben is a human feature. Is that OK? If u want some more search the rest on the internet (google) you will find it there. And can someone tell me some more physical and human features i can find many! thnx

  6. U All suck u didnt answer it


  7.  Now that you've told me what the physical features are, can you tell me what some of their names are?

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  9. Well there is the Thames River??????

  10. Pysical features in London, England are rivers, Lakes(man-made),hills and mountains?.

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