Wedding cake for bbq wedding reception?

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I am planning on having a bbq wedding reception. Just a big family get together. Lots of food and drinks... i will have a DJ... the only thing is... do i still get a wedding cake? or is that just odd to have at a bbq... i don't know what are the limits or if there is any to having a bbq as a wedding reception while everybody will be in shorts and a t-shirt... and i don't want to ask everybody to wear nice pants and a button down cause like i said i want them to be comfy and just in case its to hot out too... what would u expect somebody to have showing that its a "wedding reception" but keep it a bbq?




  1. i think you should still get a cake, or you could do a cupcake cake. we did a casual wedding reception for my wedding and everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts too, and we did a cupcake cake.

  2. For the BBQ I would do something like Wedding Cupcakes. We are having a very traditional and elegant sit down dinner and we are doing the whole cupcake thing. I just like the idea.

    Here are a few photo samples:

    This is just my opinion though! Do WHATEVER works for you. I think a traditional wedding cake, a simple sheet cake, anything will be fine, it is YOUR day.

  3. Totally do a wedding cake.  You'll want something sweet and why lose out on that part of your reception when there is no need?  That is my favorite part of wedding planning/food/etc so would love to see one no matter the setting.  

  4. Of course you should still have a wedding cake. Even though it is casual you can still have your cake cutting ceremony, and I'm sure everyone will appreciate a really nice cake.  

  5. maybe you should get a small white cake for pictures (or use a cupcake) and just get ice cream for sundaes or brownies or cheesecake for dessert. But of course, its all up to you in the end :)


  6. my wedding cake

  7. Not weird at all - it's a wedding, people will think it's perfectly normal to have a wedding cake, even if the reception is a BBQ. It doesn't make the party more formal - guests can still wear comfy clothes. Just tell the bakery you want a simple wedding cake (or any kind of cake - have a bunch of red velvet cupcakes if that's what you like!) and let them know how many people it needs to feed.

  8. You didn't state what type of wedding your planning.  If your having a bbq reception,  than there's nothing better than a wonderful chocolate cake.  Wedding cake YES. ABSOLUTELY!  You could make your grooms cake something Chocolate, you could make the wedding cake just about anything that you would like it to be.  Something with fruit on it or flowers, candy  the possibilities are endless.  Be creative and have fun.  I once attended a wedding and the grooms cake was a chocolate razorback. Good Luck and Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

  9. Its your wedding day! its really your choice... but i would definently have a cake, it doesnt have to be anything expensive, like a 500 dollar cake, something simple and elegant. You can have an aunt, or your mom make a cake, it doesnt have to be extravagant since its a casual wedding. or even if you dont want to bother anyone with making a cake, you can pick up one at the grocery store. OR you could just have a bunch of different desserts, like a pie or cupcakes or whatever you like. usually wen i go to a barbeque, there is cake or some kind of dessert, even if it is just a casual get together. But its your wedding, and you might regret it if you dont, and besides its always great to have a nice tasty treat after a nice bbq meal! Congrats!

  10. Certainly you can have a wedding cake. Lots of summer weddings have reception dinners outside...yours is just a BBQ version!  Don't forget the reason you are having the BBQ; it is a very special occasion!

    You can have a cake table with the decorations and colours of your choice; and the rest just a plain old BBQ. Good luck and the best to you in your new life together!

  11. I've been to these. My first wedding was like this. If you want a cake, get one. Go to your local grocery store or bakery and get a white cake with white icing. Get 2 or 3 tiers, and buy some columns and put it together yourself (columns are about $4 for a set of 4 from Michael's). Cakes are usually about $8-$12 a tier, and it looks like a perfect little wedding cake. You can get a topper and decorate it with flower petals if you like.

    Have a great day!

  12. Hi Jennifer:

    I love the casual BBQ reception.  It sounds fun.  I agree with all the SHOULD have a cake!  Why wouldn't you?  You would want to serve a dessert anyway...and, since it IS a wedding only makes sense to have a cake!  

    If you are on a budget, look at grocery stores that have a bakery.  Or, if you live by a Walmart, they have good cakes.  So does Costco and Publix.

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun...and I would go for a yummy chocolate wedding cake.  Don't have to worry about anyones nice clothing getting ruined.  Have a fun reception.

  14. I had a nice church wedding with all the frills but I also had an informal BBQ reception and yes I had a cake. My cake was a three layer square red velvet cake with butter cream frosting. So whatever kind of cake you would like is up to you. We did our reception right after the church so everyone was still dressed in the same outfit(except for the wedding party, we changed into casual clothing), so ur guess might still be dressed up.

  15. a simple white cake is a great way to make it look more like a "wedding". Some grocery stores will even make them, so you don't have to spend much. I don't know where you live, but here, Publix makes a fabulous wedding cake for cheap!

    Get a cake and take pictures of you and your new hubby cutting it. you'll regret it 20 years form now if you don't!

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