Visa stamping for Kuwait?

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i got job visa,what kind of documents i have to submit,also persion required for stamping and where i have to present all this please let me know.




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  19. gud am. i am a registered nurse from the philippines i already have an employer in kuwait, hospital based.. i just want to ask  the process, if how long will it take in kuwait to change my passport number on my visa. because the ones filed was my old passport, it causes delay on my visa visa will expire soon on april 11,2011... is there any visa extention?or will i wait for onother visa to come?im a bit worried because some of my authentications of documents will about to expire, and worst is i will start again on the process... thank you..kindly answer my query...


  20. Visa, Attestation,Stamping and all other Gulf Consulate/Embassy works
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    I am resident of Mumbai Usman. My primary job is to assist people in all kinds of work related to Gulf Consulate/Embassy in India.
    Few of the services below (but not limited)
    1)Attestion of certificates
    2)For Visa stamping:-
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  21. how to know online family visa stamping status

  22. Hi,
    I got a teachers job (residence visa) in kuwait. I have handed over  pcc , medical report,original passport and visa with my air ticket to my agent for visa stamping. Now my agent insist for attestation of contract paper  by the chamber of ministry from Kuwait. Is contract paper necessary for visa stamping?
    Please reply

    Thank you

  23. if no ticket...  couldn't be stamp? pls let us know

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  25. get pcc from passport office from visa is issued get it attested by external affairs ministry in delhi at patiala court.get this pcc attested with kuwait embassy & get medical  done with alkhaleej at southex in delhi.then goto kuwait embassy for visa stamping

  26. i got work visa from a hospital in kuwait.4 visa stamping need the PCCfrom passport office or from sup.of police.i was in kuwait,passport issued from i'm in delhi.                                                                         j**s  mathew

  27. hello sir MY NAME IS SALMON
    i got an vissa fr kuwait wich is issued on 14/07/09 to 15/10/09, while travelling in journey i , damaged my passport and my vissa ,what is the process to extend my vissa , now i hah send my vissa to kuwait , what is process for extension off my vissa, it is a DRIVER VISSA,
                                         PLZ TELL ME SIR
                                                          I AM FROM INDIA

  28. wether work agreement for non commercial visa is necessary

  29. wether work agreement for non commercial visa is necessary

  30. We do stamping without work agreement, Trawellday Tours Ref Thomas 9242900636

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