Value of human life VS animal life

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How many dogs would you be willing to personally kill to save one human (a complete stranger) life?

None? Five? 100? Every dog on earth?

How many...






Please explain why or how you arrived at your answers.

(I have no agenda. I'm just curious about people's attitudes toward animals.)




  1. Absolutely kill all animals to save a human. The problem with us is that over time we have come to believe that humans and animals are equal, or at least similar in value. Not so. Humans are created by God with eternal souls. Animals are not. Animals and humans are distinguished as 2 separate categories in the Bible. Humans are eternally valuable. Christ never died for an animal. Therefore, animals, while part of God's creation, and considered good by Him, cannot be compared to humans by inherent value. Perhaps considering these things can bring us back to valuing human life more. I think it is pathetic that a person can become so emotionally charged when they hear of a case of dog neglect but have no problem dismissing the genocide in darfur as "just the way things are". Before labeling me as a religious nut, consider the consequences of embracing the pervasive relativistic worldview which removes all absolute standards including those of morality and logic.

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