Using iphone apps to lose weight

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Using iphone applications to lose weight. The latest trend in losing weight is by using your iphone and ipad loaded with applications. One such application is from Runstastic called Libra, a smart scale.

How can I lose five kilos in two months ? " This challenge is not recommended " on the phone. The British application, which connects to the scale of the same name , knows our weight and some important data such as : composition of fat, muscle , water and tissues that compose it. From there , it estimates , by age , s*x and lifestyle , the calories you can eat to stay in shape.

The combination of the application, which for now only works on the latest models of iPhone and iPad, and the scales fall within the new batch of devices that connect to each other and focus on fitness. They go a step beyond the pulse and GPS watches .

Pound distinguishes whether the user has been heavy in the morning or before bedtime. 30 seconds after getting on the scale animation corpotal indicates the percentage of fat , muscle mass, body mass index , bone mass and calories allowed. Once you know you the numbers you can set goals to lose weight or improve body mass index . If it is unreasonable , Libra will notice and inform you.
Runstastic , which began as a program to go jogging in Mobile has expanded its services with bike cadence sensors or applications that invite sports. The scale is your ultimate bet. It costs 129 euros and is capable of measuring up to 180 kilos people . In appearance it is a more domestic scale , maybe something more polished , once connected by Bluetooth, in matter of seconds , the experience changes completely.

Do you use any application to lose weight, please add them to the answer section below.

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