Travel advise and experiences in south america?

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Can someone please let me know best way to see south america's attractions without risking my safety whilst travelling alone




  1. I'm 28, white female who's traveled Latin America for the last 8 years, and I've been alone about 70% of the time. I've never experienced any problems, but I also practice good judgement and general safety ideas that would apply to any big city or unknown area. For example, don't wear a lot of jewelry or anything expensive. Try not to keep much in pockets that are easy for other hands to get into. If you're carrying a backpack either wear it in front (necessary in crowded situations like a full city bus) or sway slightly side to side when you stop walking.

    You can find tons of other suggestions like these online. However if you're truly concerned about safety and being alone, and you're not familiar with your destinations, I would recommend finding a tour group. Myself being a traveler, I usually cringe at the idea of a tour (all haughty-taughty in their huge rental bus with a/c, never mingling with locals, not even trying to learn a word or two in the native language, etc) - but I have to admit that I've been on a few myself.

    Just try to look for one that suites your needs - look for destinations that interest you and a philosophy that matches yours well - do you even want to meet locals? Do you prefer bussing a lot or hiking the Andes? Do you want fancy hotels with a/c, or do you want to share a common bathroom with 3 other guests at your hotel? (Do you want to be able to flush your toilet or pour a bucket of water down it to pressure it through?)

    Okay, I doubt many tours would be that extreme, but when you travel alone it's all part of the game! Just look at your options, but one thing is for sure - you'll be much safer, and definitely not alone!

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