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  1. The websites revolutionized the travel industry as it enabled the people to be their own travel agents. It has a lot of improvements in mapping technologies and has the ability to share knowledge, it has never been easier to find the deals you need regarding the places you want to see, but the travelers’ website provides you all these facilities. Few famous Travel Website are given below, from where you can find the answer of your questions:

    TSA Website: This website is ranked as one of the traveler's favorite site , as it contained all of the changes that are constantly taking place in the world of travel since 911, this ought to a be a must read before every visit, so that you can avoid unpleasant happing at the airport.

    Flightstats:  this website especially considered the volcano situation and provides you another way to reroute your trip or at least to inform you if particular flight would be taking off anytime soon.

    The Travel Insider: This website contain extensive research articles on just everything travel related, for instance GSM phones, travel equipment of all kinds some you may not have thought of as well as different issues that relate to travel like trip planning to finding ways to use flight loopholes. This website also has informative blog and it sends out a free weekly newsletter.

    Seat 2B: This site is created by Joe Brancatelli. Few information from this website is free and some of it is only available by yearly subscription.


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