Transportation & Costs

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  1. Transport systems face need to increase their capacity and to minimize the costs of movements. All users have to talk about or bid for the transfer of goods, people, and information and capital because supplies, distribution systems, tariffs, salaries, locations, marketing process as well as fuel rates are changing at the same time. There are also price involved in collecting information, negotiating, and enforcing agreements and transactions, which are often called as the cost of doing business. Trade involves transactions price that all agents attempt to minimize since transaction costs deals for a growing share of the resources spend by the economy.

    Transport costs are a detailed measure of what the transport gives must pay to produce transportation services. They come as fixed and changeable costs, depending on a different conditions related to geography, infrastructure, administrative strategy, energy, and on how travelers and freight are carried. Three major elements, related to transactions, shipments and the travel distance, impact on transport costs.

    Usually, enterprises and individuals must take decisions related to how to route passengers or freight through the transport system. This selection has been considerably expanded in the context of the production of lighter and high value consuming products, such as electronics, and less bulky production methods. It is not rare for transport costs to deal for ten percent of the total cost of a product. Thus, the selection of a transportation mode to route people and freight within origins and places becomes significant and depends on several factors such as the nature of the products, the applied infrastructures, origins and destinations, technology, and particularly their required distances. Jointly, they describe transportation costs.


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