Transportation: Cabo San Lucas airport to La Paz and return

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  1. Hi!

    Well, my advice for transportation in Baja California has to be!
    That's the company that covered all my transportation needs when I visited Baja California some months ago.

    They picked me up at La Paz aiport and took me to my hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Then they took me back to La Paz airport. Something very important for me, is that they where on time, so I didn't have to wait at all. And the driver spoke English, so I could ask him for some places of interest and also where to find the best mexican food!
    And a tiny detail that I loved is that they had fresh bottled water... because Cabo's weather is really hot!

    I hope this helps you to make the best choice... and whatever you choose, I wish you a great stay in Baja California!

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