Traditional German clothing!!?

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I'm doing an International Day project and I need The traditional/cultural dress of Deutschland. Does anyone know where I can rent/borrow a traditional female German outfit? Does anyone have a female German outfit that I can borrow (is it possible to send it to me-----I'll send it back)?!?!





  1. Sorry, but what you are looking for, does not exist!

    There is no traditional German outfit, because every region in Germany, even every bigger village had its own outfit in former times.

    I´m living in Bavaria and just the upper bavarian region, that is a large region around Munich has had about 30 different outfits. And so does the rest of Germany. All in all there might perhaps be some 100s of different outfits. I´m talking of outfits, that are completely different in style.

    I think, you might perhaps have the idea of some kind of Dirndl, as worn during the Oktoberfest in Munich, but these clothes definately have nothing to do with traditional regional outfits.

  2. What people think of as the typical german outfit is usually something from Bavaria or Southern Germany. German like Americans have some different cultures and clothing. I live in SE Germany so let me find out from my German friends here and get back to you ASAP.

  3. they always have tried to dress like Americans, levis nikes etc.

  4. There is no such thing as a traditional German dress, as it is all regional. Originally, way way back, the German people were made up from several different tribes. Regions in Germany still bear the names of these tribes and you can hear the differences in speach, taste it in the food and the beer. Thus traditional German dress is very very varied  too - it can change quite dramatically from village to village.

    What is known in the U.S. as a traditional German dress, is the 19th century Munich and Bavarian dress custom. Search for "dirndl" and "lederhosen" on the internet. Best way to buy such a costume in the USA is via ebay, as traditional German retailers offer their collections there.

  5. These web-sites might help you.

    Good luck!

  6. As already said before: THE traditional/cultural german dress does not exist.

    Germany is not the same as Bavaria (rather the opposite - thanks god).

  7. I am from Duesseldorf and we do not have any traditional dresses in our region. Americans think we all run around in dirndls and that is not the case - at least not in my region. Those clothes you will only find in bavaria.

    The black forest region has different traditional dresses.

  8. Sometimes you can find a traditional Dirndl on EBay fairly reasonable.  The Dirndl is a pretty dress anyway and you can always keep it for Oktoberfest in American cities that have them like Tulsa, OK,  Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis in the Midwest have very good festivities.

    Besides only non-Bavarians are so down on traditonal Dirndl, ha ha!  Germany is Bayern, the rest is details.

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