Top Rookies in the National Hockey League – Part 6

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Top Rookies in the National Hockey League – Part 6
Kevin Shattenkirk, Colorado Avalanche
Kevin Shattenkirk’s first impression in the National Hockey League was more like a player who was professional. Though this young rookie players plays in a very important position defending position but he hasn’t let his nerves overcome him and performed
His important role and skillful play has been very well appreciated by the Avalanche who have seen him bag big minutes in the game and most of the times excel while playing the role he has been asked to.
Coupled with this is his ability to perform in under-pressure situations that make him an even important asset of the Avalanche.
Shattenkirk plays around 20 minutes per game out of the 42 games he has taken part in. He has emerged as one of the most productive rookies who has scored 26 points in the season already and there are a lot more still to come his way. During the course of
the season, he has scored seven goals and made 19 assists using his time on ice to the fullest.
These 26 points that he has scored, place him second in the lost of points with Cam Fowler leading the list. But the fact that he has played seven games less than Fowler tell the true side of his productive play and talent.
If he would have played the same number of games as Fowler then experts reckon that he would have been way ahead of him in terms of points.
Cam Fowler, Anaheim Ducks
The best defensive rookie defenceman crown of the season so far would most definitely go to Cam Fowler of the Anaheim Ducks. During the 2010 NHL Draft pick he was the 12th pick of the Ducks who expected a lot from him.
He has without any doubts played a very vital role as the Ducks are still in the running for the play-off cut. There have times when the Ducks were down and out but his constant hard work and determination has led to him taking the front role.
While playing the role, despite being a rookie he has been able to motivate players around him and resultantly bagged some important and impressive wins.
Fowler has played in 49 games of the season so far. He is currently leading the all rookies list of most assists with 22 and also most points scored by a defensive rookie with 28 points.
Fowler is one of the multi-talented players in the league who can play the offensive role very well as well. His added abilities of playing the duo certainly make him an important inclusion in the Ducks.
He has a lot of talent, skill and potential which would surely lead him to a lot of success during his career and rank him among the very best in the league.
There are numerous other rookies still to be included but Cam Fowler isn’t high up in the list due to the fact that some rookies who still might not overtake him in points have bagged some impressive performances.
By impressive performances we mean game changing and most of the times game winning performances. Anyhow, Fowler is undoubtedly one of the important players in the Ducks' squad who will certainly lead them to a lot of success in the coming season and if
they make it into the play-offs then he would be a lethal weapon against the giants in the league.



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