Things for tourists to do in either Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or DarwiN?

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Things like museums, famous landmarks, heritage sites, cultural shows, adventure ETC,.




  1. In Sydney you can climb the Hourbour Bridge. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, tour the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A unique Sydney adventure with spectacular views.

    If you come here in Whale season, you must go Whale watching its amazing!! Go to Star City casino, Darling Harbour, Manly Beach and of course Bondi Beach.

  2. In Brisbane, go to the Mt Cootha lookout. Take a round trip CityCat ride on the Brisbane River stopping off at Southbank and then walk (very close) to the cultural precinct (Museum, Gallery of Modern Art, Art Gallery etc); if you're a Steve Irwin fan, go to Australia Zoo, an hour or so north of Brisbane; go to the Gold Coast and its many, many attractions (including several theme parks) about an hour south of the city; go to Currumbin Sanctuary on the Gold Coast. Don't go to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary unless you're Japanese.

    In Melbourne, go to Queen Victoria Markets; Museum; National Gallery of Victoria; MCG (take a tour or better still, attend a football game); Shrine of Remembrance.

  3. In perth dependig on how long you are here you have Kings Park in the city. Harbortown again in the city if you like shopping. Our musuem and art gallery in the city. If you have a few days you can go to our wine growing area of Margaret River. Plenty to see there. Caves,surfing. Our Casino. Take our train to Mandurah. The ferry to the zoo. Our bell tower as i said many things depending on the time you have here.We have fremantle which again is accessible by train and that has heritage and cafe strips. The town of York which is 1-2 hours drive. In the country you have Albany Denmark which is 400kms south of perth. Exmouth where you can dive,snorklel swim with whale sharks. Any other info just ask. I found as a tourist in Melbourne i used the trams the casino botanical gardens,soverign hill which is out of melbourne but i havent done the Great Ocean Road.   In Darwin I stayed just out of town took the public transport.and took a river cruise at Sunset.saw the botanical park,casino,aircraft museum. darwin like perth it is spread out. Hope this helps

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